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JTL Store Cookie Notice

Legal certainty
Data protection with the consent manager

JTL is an ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) and an e-commerce shop solution from a single source: This means that JTL Shop supports numerous functions that are essential for the company, from purchasing and article maintenance to logistics and shipping organization. When maintaining your JTL shop, coordination with the data protection requirements of the GDPR is essential. The first JTL shop cookie may only be set after your visitors have given their express consent. With a JTL shop cookie notice, you ensure a legally secure opt-in by your customers. The creation succeeds in a few simple steps with a JTL cookie plugin.

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JTL: an ERP and shop system at a glance

    What does JTL offer?

  • JTL stands for ERP system and integrated e-commerce solutions from a single source. The JTL shop system is now used by more than 35,000 mail order companies. JTL Shop is used for the complete organization of online trading in all major business areas. This ranges from purchasing and product management to sales and distribution. The ERP solution also handles payment and order processing as well as logistics organization. The inventory management system from JTL is at the center of the offer.

    The merchandise management system (WaWi) is available free of charge at JTL Shop. The product is designed for clarity and efficient processing. The software solutions of the system have a modular structure and are therefore aimed at users with different requirements. The system is suitable for users of different industries and company sizes

    The claim to deliver suitable solutions for different needs is also reflected in the extensive tariffs. The free version of JTL Shop (Community Edition) is based on open source and is aimed at small and medium-sized shops, for example. All in all, JTL offers its users five versions: They are aimed at companies from small start-ups to international corporations. This gives great flexibility in terms of price and performance.

    Entry into the JTL Shop is free and requires the registration of a user account. He is also dependent on downloading the free merchandise management system JTL-WaWi. Alternatively, users have the option of having the manufacturer carry out the installation via their server. In the case of this hosted variant, users only have to set up the shop themselves. JTL Shop offers numerous extensions and plugins to adapt the functionality to different challenges. This also includes a JTL cookie plugin .

  • Front end and back end

    The front end is designed for clarity and intuitive operation. The clear and modern design should also enable new visitors to find their way around quickly. An equally clear and well-designed JTL Shop Cookie notice is possible with the JTL Cookie Plugin from Consentmanager. JTL Shop offers options such as search functions, detailed views and categories for various items. Videos or pictures are also possible in JTL Shop. JTL also thinks about search engine optimization. For example, JTL Shop supports meta titles, meta descriptions and search engine friendly URLs. On the other hand, customers and visitors also benefit from the overview and thus from a positive user experience.

    Thanks to responsiveness , the display of the shop adapts to the end device used by the customer at any time. No matter whether users access the JTL shop page from their desktop, smartphone or app, good navigation and viewing are possible in any case. A special feature compared to other shop systems is the fact that the functions are not dependent on the theme. All offered themes have the same range of functions. All themes and templates are responsively adapted to the requirements of the respective end device. Other websites and third-party providers offer additional themes, templates, and themes, some of which are free while others are paid for.

    The backend allows shop operators an uncomplicated administration , also in German. The back office is also aimed at beginners, who can make the most important settings with a bit of familiarization. The menus are each provided with tips and further information on the menu items and options. From the back office, users can also find ways to use other integrated programs from the developer. JTL Shop is supplemented by numerous interfaces. The shop system already has all the interfaces required for successful shop operation ex works. The integrated merchandise management system is free of charge and can be seamlessly integrated into the JTL shop at any time.

  • The JTL Shop Cookie Notice and its necessity under data protection law

    Every online shop relies on cookies. Some of them are technically essential for the operation of the website. Others are not absolutely necessary, but are of great use for shop operations. These include, for example, analysis and tracking cookies, which provide information about user behavior and thus shop performance.

    Any use of cookies that goes beyond the purely technical requirement requires the express consent of the user. Before the first non-essential JTL shop cookie is set, the customer’s consent must be obtained. This is the result of the judgment of the ECJ (European Court of Justice) of July 2019 at the latest. Since then, there has been an express obligation to give visitors an opt-in option. To date, visitors have been able to object to the use of cookies on most pages. However, the standard was that cookies were always set. This was an opt-out. Since the ECJ ruling, it has been mandatory to first ask users for their consent. Only when this has been done may the first technically non-essential JTL shop cookie be set. This judgment is intended to strengthen data protection and is directly related to the GDPR.

    For operators of a website, especially a shop, this means in particular that popular tools such as Google Analytics or other tracking cookies require consent. This can be implemented via a JTL shop cookie notice . A legally secure opt-in can be carried out by a consent manager playing out a clear JTL shop cookie notice every time the page is called up by potential customers. The JTL Shop Cookie Notice must clearly inform users about the collection and processing of cookies. In addition, the JTL Shop Cookie Notice must give visitors and customers the option of agreeing to or rejecting this cookie collection.

    The legally compliant realization enables a JTL shop cookie notice. A JTL Shop Cookie Plugin offers such a thing and thus contributes to the legally compliant cookie consent . If the user has given his consent, the first technically unnecessary cookie may be set in the first place.

JTL Store Cookie Notice:

    necessity and need

  • The use of cookies is common practice in online shops and in e-commerce in general. This not only affects the purely technical shop operation, but also the economically necessary advertising and analysis measures. A separate JTL shop cookie must be set for various activities such as tracking or performance analysis. Since, according to the ECJ ruling, it is an explicit requirement to expressly ask for consent, shop operators benefit from a clear and legally secure JTL shop cookie notice.

    When it comes to choosing a JTL cookie plugin , you need to pay attention to certain performance characteristics and features that the corresponding consent manager should offer. A well thought-out JTL cookie banner can be easily installed in a JTL shop without any technical hurdles. The JTL cookie banner should be responsive to the accessing devices and operating systems. As soon as the code for the JTL Cookie Consent is integrated into the site, any cookie that is not essential for the technical operation of the site is automatically blocked. Furthermore, a good JTL cookie plugin ensures compatibility with other solutions or shop components used. In this context, it must also be ensured that the necessary interfaces are available.

    It is important for international providers to pay attention to multilingualism . A good JTL cookie plugin is automatically displayed in the language of the accessing user and should at least cover the languages of the GDPR area.

  • Standards and frameworks for the JTL Shop Cookie Management

    There is a standardized framework for cookie consent. The Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) published by the industry association IAB Europe (Interactive Advertising Bureau) ensures legally compliant cookie management as a standard. The TCF was first presented in 2018 and is now available in version TCF 2.0. Consent to cookie processing is obtained via this framework. A modern JTL cookie plugin is based on this standard.

    The publisher of this framework aims to track information about the status of consent to cookie processing in a standardized way. The information should be traceable based on the entire delivery chain (advertising or other services). The point here is that everyone involved in the process (advertisers and service providers) has access to this information. A large number of participants are involved in the display of advertising material. These depend on being informed about the status of the consent (type and scope of cookie use).

    For this purpose, with a JTL cookie plugin based on the IAB framework, it is first determined whether users have given their consent and consent to the use and processing of cookies at all. In the second step, the JTL Cookie Plugin identifies which cookies the user has consented to. This also includes information about the extent of use permitted by the visitor. Based on this information about the type and scope of the consent, the consent manager creates the so-called consent string. This in turn is based on a JTL shop cookie. A JTL cookie plugin or a consent manager can thus read out the degree of consent of a visitor to the JTL shop cookie notice at any time.

JTL Cookie Plugin and its benefits for customers

The advantages of the JTL Shop Cookie Notice are also and particularly evident on the side of visitors, customers and potential customers. They have a right to data protection . With a JTL shop cookie notice, this need is taken seriously. With the JTL Shop Cookie Notice, customers are given the option to object to the creation and processing of cookies. This in turn contributes to a beneficial user experience . In the long term, this leads to customer acquisition and customer loyalty. This increases the number of shop customers as well as customer satisfaction .

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Special features in the consent manager

  • Overview of acceptance rate and bounce rate

    A well thought-out consent manager with JTL Shop Cookie notice gives shop operators an overview of the status quo of acceptance and bounce rates at all times. This makes it possible to evaluate these parameters in real time via the JTL cookie plugin. This gives shop operators the opportunity to draw conclusions about current customer behavior. The JTL Cookie Plugin thus reveals potential for improvement for future optimizations.

    Multilingualism in the JTL Shop Cookie Note

    In many cases, modern online shops are internationally oriented and serve customers from different language regions. Multilingualism is therefore also becoming increasingly important in terms of competitiveness. The JTL shop cookie notice should also show this internationality. Multilingualism is therefore an important requirement for a JTL cookie plugin. With more than 30 supported languages , the JTL Shop Cookie Notice in the Consent Manager is linguistically suitable for the entire GDPR area and even goes beyond it. The JTL Shop Cookie Notice can automatically adapt to the respective language of the visitor.

  • Responsiveness and adaptation to display and operating system

    Customers access websites on a variety of different devices. In most cases, one and the same customer uses several devices, such as a smartphone, tablet or desktop PC. These devices have different requirements for displaying the page. These requirements differ depending on the display size, the type of device or the operating system. The JTL shop cookie notice should therefore adapt responsively to these and other parameters. The JTL Cookie Plugin is suitable for almost all types of visitors and users if it reacts responsively to the properties of the respective access devices. Thus, the JTL Shop Cookie Banner always ensures legally compliant cookie consent management, regardless of whether your customers access your online shop in the classic way via a desktop PC, mobile or via an app.

    The JTL Shop Cookie Notice and its compatibility

    Since users often use many different and sometimes proprietary systems, compatibility must be taken into account when selecting the plugin. It is now standard for a modern online shop to have interfaces to other systems. The consent manager is compatible with different systems and is interoperable . It harmonises with all common shop solutions. Compatibility with all common Google products and tag managers is also ensured. Furthermore, the consent manager is also compatible with most of the common ad servers.

Recommended by lawyers and data protection officers

JTL Shop Cookie Notice and its advantages for shop operators

  • The JTL shop cookie hint has several advantages for shop operators. One of the essential cornerstones of successful shop operations is a positive user experience : users should stay on the page and not jump off again immediately. In order for this to be guaranteed, users must be happy to be on the site and find their way around immediately. Ideally, there will be a conversion, i.e. the conversion of the visitor into a customer. The goal is to complete a transaction, such as a purchase. The user experience can be recorded on the basis of various key figures. The most important are the length of stay, the acceptance rate and the bounce rate. These parameters can be optimized with a JTL cookie plugin. The goal for shop operators is to increase the length of stay and increase the acceptance rate. On the other hand, it is important to keep the bounce rate as small as possible. The main goals of customer acquisition and customer loyalty are directly linked to a long stay and a low bounce rate.

    This is where a JTL Shop Cookie Plugin can play to its strengths. Such a JTL Shop Cookie Notice contributes to a higher acceptance rate of the site and a lower bounce rate . A JTL cookie plugin thus makes its contribution to the performance of the site.

  • More advantages of the JTL Shop Cookie Plugin

    With regard to search engine optimization , the consent manager also shows its strengths with the JTL cookie plugin. These are related to the benefits for the user experience. User experience is one of the key ranking factors for search engines . If the user experience is good, a website ranks higher in the search result lists (SERPs). This means that corresponding search queries can be found more quickly. This increases page traffic. Furthermore, the probability of conversions increases. Customer acquisition and permanent customer loyalty benefit in the medium and long term.

    Another advantage can be found in the integrated A/B test procedures of the consent manager. Using these test procedures, various design options for the JTL Shop Cookie Notice can be comprehensively tested. Based on customer reactions, it is possible to continuously improve and optimize the design. Depending on the A/B test results, designs and layouts can be selected that led to the best customer reactions.

    In addition, the Consentmanager offers comprehensive AdBlocking functionality . This means that not only the cookies themselves, but also all advertising media can be effectively blocked. As soon as these would be used on the web shop, they will be suppressed until the customer has given their express consent.

frequently asked Questions

Not sure if you need a CMP?

To help you with things like GDPR, CMP and consent, we’ve rounded up the most common questions here.

With a JTL Shop cookie notice, you can easily ask your visitors for their consent to use cookies. As soon as your customers access your online shop, the JTL Shop Cookie notice is displayed. The actual content of the website is only displayed after the consent or rejection by the customer.

All technically unnecessary cookies are dependent on express consent via double opt-in . Only then is the use and processing legal. Technically essential cookies may continue to be set without consent.

If a customer does not agree to the processing of technically unnecessary cookies, no corresponding data will be transmitted. In this case, only technically essential cookies may be created. This means that important information such as analysis or tracking data is no longer required .

At the latest since the ECJ judgment of July 2019 on the subject of cookies, no shop operator can avoid legally secure cookie consent. The customer’s express consent to the use of cookies must be in the form of a double opt-in. The first cookie may only be set after consent has been given. With the JTL Cookie Plugin you give your customers a clear consent and objection option and are therefore on the safe side in terms of data protection.

Please note that we cannot provide legal advice. Some points of this FAQ may also change over time or be interpreted differently by courts. That’s why you should always consult your lawyer!