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GDPR-compliant data protection with Consentmanager

As one of the most important providers for online shops, the OXID e-commerce platform has a large community. OXID is available as an open source version as well as in commercial versions. At least since the ECJ judgment on cookies, an OXID cookie consent has been indispensable. With a DSGVO-compliant OXID cookie notice, you ensure legal certainty as soon as customers or potential customers visit your shop.

OXID Cookie Consent and its legal status

    As soon as you operate a website, you use cookies. Some are essential for technical operation, others are useful for evaluating user behavior. Any use of cookies that is not absolutely necessary for technical reasons requires the express consent of the user . The necessity of the OXID Cookie Consent can be derived from the judgment of the ECJ (European Court of Justice) from July 2019. This provides an opt-in for the cookie consent. As an OXID shop operator, you must therefore explicitly ask your visitors for the OXID Cookie Consent. The cookie judgment is intended to strengthen data protection in connection with the GDPR. The practical implementation succeeds with an OXID cookie hint .

  • Such enables the double opt-in and thus legally secure OXID Cookie Consent . The OXID cookie banner must give a clear indication of the collection and processing of the cookies . Furthermore, as a shop operator, you are obliged to give your customers the option of either agreeing or rejecting them. You are only allowed to set technically unnecessary cookies after the OXID Cookie Consent has been given.

    Please note that this affects numerous cookies that are not technically necessary, but are economically indispensable for the successful operation of the shop. This includes, for example, all tracking and analysis cookies that provide valuable information on the behavior of your users.

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OXID Cookie Consent Banner and its benefits

  • High acceptance rate

    Using a banner for the OXID Cookie Consent offers you several advantages. In principle, every website, especially every online shop, benefits from a positive user experience . Users should be able to find their way around the site, enjoy staying there and ideally complete a transaction. A positive user experience is therefore reflected in a high acceptance rate and a low bounce rate. Both correlate with a high length of stay. Therefore, the bounce rates should be kept as low as possible, while the acceptance rate should be high.

    With a well thought-out OXID cookie hint you contribute to the realization of a low bounce rate and a high acceptance rate . An OXID cookie notice thus plays a major role in
    use the full potential of your web shop. The overarching goals of customer acquisition and customer loyalty are linked, among other things, to a low bounce rate and a long dwell time.

    Both your customers and you as the shop operator benefit from an OXID cookie notice. Your customers can rest assured that their privacy needs are being taken seriously. On the other hand, as the operator, you enjoy legal certainty when operating the shop. The positive user experience leads to a longer stay and a lower bounce rate. Both benefit customer satisfaction and customer loyalty . Search engine optimization in particular also benefits from a positive user experience. User experience is one of the most important ranking factors on search engines like Google. With improved user experience, the position of the website in the search engine search result lists (SERPs) increases.

    A good consent manager offers you a dashboard so that you always have an overview of the current acceptance and bounce rates. This gives you a real-time overview of the behavior of current visitors. In this way, you can draw conclusions about the optimization potential of the corresponding key figures at any time.

  • Responsive customization to all customers

    Customers typically access your website using a variety of devices and operating systems. Therefore, a responsive adjustment of the OXID cookie banner to the respective device is important. With the consent manager, it is ensured that the OXID cookie notice is precisely aligned to the device used. This adapts the visual appearance of the notice to factors such as screen size or operating system. The OXID cookie notice is suitable for all devices, regardless of whether your customers access your offer via smartphone or tablet or on their desktop.

    Multilingual OXID cookie notice for international orientation

    If you offer your offer internationally via OXID, a multilingual orientation is a matter of course. A good consent management provider should therefore be proficient in at least the languages of the GDPR area of application. The Consentmanager supports over 30 languages for the OXID Cookie Consent Banner. The banner is automatically displayed in the language of the country in which the OXID online shop is accessed.

Other benefits of an Oxid Cookie Consent Manager

Other advantages of the consent manager include individual designs and visual design options. The OXID cookie consent notice can be easily adapted to your corporate design, for example.

Integrated A/B test methods contribute to the automatic optimization of the cookie banner. A/B testing helps, for example, to find the optimal design and the best possible settings for the OXID cookie consent notice.

Thanks to the extensive AdBlocking options of the Consentmanager, all advertising media used on the website can be blocked until your visitors have given their consent. Not only data protection, but also data security is given when using the consent manager. The tool ensures that all information is stored securely. For this purpose, Consentmanager only uses European servers. Automatic updates help ensure that you are always up to date.

The consent manager is also compatible with other shop systems as well as Google products and tag managers.


OXID: a shop system at a glance

  • OXID eShop is a software solution for online shops from the bull market OXID eSales AG. The developer is based in Freiburg and for a long time offered purely proprietary software. An open source version has been available since 2008 after an extensive revision of the source code. With the opening of the code, OXID can offer a free community version. Furthermore, the open source version also enables the programming of helpful extensions and plug-ins by third-party providers.

    OXID is particularly widespread as a shop system on the German market . OXID is available in four different versions, which are aimed at different groups of end customers. Basically, OXID shop systems rely on the scripting language PHP. The operation of OXIDs requires a MySQL database. Users have the opportunity to use detailed documentation and the community. This also serves to exchange suggestions or problems with the shop system. OXID also offers support packages for a surcharge. The OXID Exchange platform offers numerous extensions with which the standard OXID installation can be upgraded.

  • The multi-tenant Enterprise Edition (EE) enables the operation of several sub-shops for different business segments. Furthermore, the Enterprise Edition supports different rights and roles for the users.

    The modular expandability plays an important role with OXID. For this purpose, there is a digital marketplace in the OXID Exchange. Users use this to offer and buy plug-ins. These are mostly certified plug-ins from different developers. Irrespective of this, users can also find various extensions and modules outside of the official marketplace, for example at GitHub.

frequently asked Questions

Not sure if you need a CMP?

To help you with things like GDPR, CMP and consent, we’ve rounded up the most common questions here.

If a customer refuses consent to technically unnecessary cookies, no such cookies can be collected. In this case, no corresponding data will be transmitted . For example, you will not receive any tracking or analysis data about the behavior of your users.

If you operate an OXID shop, you can use an OXID cookie notice to obtain your users’ consent to the collection of cookies . The notice is played out as soon as visitors reach your site. The content of the website can only be displayed (and the first cookie set) after consent (or rejection) of the cookies.

The use of technically essential cookies (without which a website will not function) is still legal without consent. All other cookies require express opt-in consent. Only then is it legal to set corresponding cookies.

At the latest since the ECJ cookie judgment of 2019, express consent to the use of cookies has been required. You may only set technically unnecessary cookies after your users have given their explicit consent. In practice, this must be done through a double opt-in. Therefore, as the operator, you are responsible for giving your customers the option of consenting to and objecting to the use of cookies.

Please note that we cannot provide legal advice. Some points of this FAQ may also change over time or be interpreted differently by courts. That’s why you should always consult your lawyer!