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As a publisher or publishing house, data protection has played an outstanding role at least since GDPR. Cookies and other trackers require the explicit consent of your visitors. With our cookie consent manager for publishers you are on the legally safe side. We offer numerous ways of cookie solutions for publishers with which you can give your customers the option of opting in/opt out. Find out what other advantages our Cookie Consent for publishers has . With the consent manager, publishers can also benefit in terms of advertising revenue.

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Cookie Consent for Publishers – Legal background: Opt-in Required

In a ruling from May 2020, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) decided that cookies that are collected for market research and advertising purposes generally require the informed consent of the user. The Cookie Consent is fundamentally relevant for publishers , publishers and all other website operators. This applies regardless of whether the data collected is personal data or not. In view of this BGH decision, publishers and publishers run the risk of losing their overview without a special Cookie ConsentManager for publishers. If you have a website, you as a publisher or publisher are asked to take care of the cookie consent yourself. Only with well thought-out cookie solutions for publishers can you permanently comply with the e-privacy guidelines and the GDPR .

With cookie solutions for publishers, you give your visitors the option of voluntary and express consent to the processing of cookies. The technical implementation can be done via Cookie ConsentManager for publishers. Cookie solutions for publishers ensure that your website has to ask each customer for consent each time they visit it, before it can set cookies or use other tracking tools. The advantage: After giving your consent, you can legally save and evaluate data. This is an important prerequisite for your marketing and the increase of your advertising income .

Cookie ConsentManager for Publishers: Overview & Requirements

Data has to be processed every time a website is operated. This applies not only to the advertising purposes of a publisher, but also to everyday operations.

Good cookie solutions for publishers can be easily integrated into the website. Intuitive operation is a prerequisite for setting up the cookie consent for publishers without great technical expertise.

A standardized framework is in place in order to legally obtain the consent of your visitors. This was presented by the industry association IAB Europe (International Advertising Bureau) in April 2018. The so-called Transparency & Consent Framework is intended to ensure that consent is standardized across the industry.

IAB GPP – the new technical standard

IAB GPP (Global Privacy Platform) is a further development of IAB TCF v2. The development became necessary in order to also take into account changes in international data protection laws. These include the legislations of the US states of California (CCPA/CPRA), Virginia (VCDPA), Colorado (CPA), Utah (UCPA) and Connecticut (CAPDP) as well as the US National Privacy from 2023. Without legally compliant opt-in/opt-out applications on websites or apps, website managers otherwise face severe fines. consentmanager’s CMP already has the technical prerequisites to make the necessary settings.

The information about the consent of the visitors should be traceable along the entire chain of digital advertising. A number of service providers are involved in advertising measures in online marketing, all of whom are interested in receiving information about the consent. You will find helpful support from us with a Cookie ConsentManager for publishers.


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Advantages of the Cookie ConsentManager for publishers

A Cookie ConsentManager for publishers ensures conformity with the specifications of the IAB TCF v2. This is the amended version of the GDPR Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) . Without such compatibility, advertising revenue can be expected to decline. With regard to advertising revenue, the support of Google Additional Consent should also be emphasized.

This standard is continued by the new Global Privacy Platform (GPP) from the IAB. It helps publishers and publishers on a global level to be legally compliant in the implementation of the data protection laws applicable there. This applies specifically to new data protection regulations in some US states from 2023. consentmanager already offers the new standard, which gives publishers an improved market position.

Our consent manager for publishers still enables the combination with so-called PUR subscriptions. Providers such as Spiegel have introduced this type of subscription, following the example of the “Standard” (Austria), in which users can choose between a restricted version without advertising and paid full access.

ConsentManager also works with …

CMPs for publishers

A consent manager for publishers is a useful tool for several reasons . Consent managers for publishers are technical platforms that automate the process of obtaining consent. A Cookie ConsentManager for publishers ensures legally secure compliance with the GDPR . For publishers operating internationally and beyond the borders of the EU, there are special consent managers for publishers , which also take into account compliance with international guidelines such as the CCPA.

Another major benefit of the consent manager for publishers is that such a tool helps maintain and increase advertising revenues. One of the reasons for this is that important advertisers now only and exclusively place their advertising on GDPR-compliant websites.

Customer orientation through transparency

You can also score points directly with your visitors and customers with a Cookie ConsentManager for publishers. With the appropriate consent banner, you show that you take data protection seriously. If you use cookie consent for publishers, use the consent window to explicitly inform your visitors that and to what extent you are collecting data. The Consent Manager for publishers collects and documents the relevant information in a legally secure manner.

A responsive, adaptable design goes without saying with modern cookie solutions for publishers. The appearance of the consent banner adapts to the respective operating system (e.g. Windows, iOS or Android) and fits into different screen formats. This is a contribution to an optimal user experience on different end devices.

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