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Google Consent Mode v2 in 2024 for Google Ads users

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At the end of 2023, Google introduced the new Consent Mode v2, which builds on its predecessor and includes new features and deadlines. These affect certain Google Ads users and come into force in March 2024. To assess whether these changes are relevant to your advertising activities and understand the impact, take a look at the overview below.

Google Consent Mode v2 in brief: Google Consent Mode v2 allows you to customize the behavior of your website tags and app SDK based on end-user consent decisions.

For Google Ads users, the December 2023 announcement is just a few months ahead of the deadline.

Schedule and deadline for Google Consent Mode v2

Google requires Google Ads users targeting audiences in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom to enable Consent Mode v2 to access audience measurement features across websites or apps by March 2024 at the latest.

In addition, from January 16, 2024, advertisers using Google Ads must already integrate a Google-certified Consent Management Platform (CMP), such as consentmanager .

Failure to enable Google Consent Mode v2 may result in data loss, as consent is essential to continue measuring ad performance and providing personalized ads to users. Google’s new update not only affects how technically speaking, the tags used on websites or the SDKs used for apps, but also extends to tools that support uploading data from non-Google sources.

Why now? Regulatory context: Digital Markets Act, Google appointed as gatekeeper

The introduction of the Digital Markets Act has had a major impact on online advertising, with companies such as Google appointed as “gatekeepers”. This provision gives Google the responsibility to give users more choice in consenting to the processing of their personal data and to improve control over their privacy. In response, Google has updated Consent Mode to version 2 to comply with its gatekeeper obligations under the Digital Markets Act.

For a deeper understanding of the Digital Markets Act, we have put together some helpful links for you:

How Google Consent Mode v2 works with Google Ads

To understand how Google Consent Mode v2 works with Google Ads, let’s briefly compare it to its predecessor.

Google Consent Mode is designed to help advertisers maintain measurement accuracy while respecting user privacy. By adjusting the behavior of Google tags based on end-user consent choices and using conversion modeling, Google can recover lost conversions. A consent decision is, for example, whether the user clicks on the “Accept” or “Reject” button on a cookie banner. The mechanism is that lost consent can be modeled using Google’s AI to close data gaps between specific interactions and conversion events.

The end result is that advertisers can benefit from more accurate data based on these modeled conversions, integrated directly into Google’s Ads campaign report and bidding tools.

A key difference in Google Consent Mode v2 is the addition of two new consent strings that specifically relate to how data is processed and shared. Below we will introduce these strings and their activation in more detail.

Adapting to Changes: What Advertisers Need to Do

Important : A Google -certified CMP, such as consentmanager , is an essential requirement for obtaining consent from users in the EEA or UK. Therefore, make sure your website offers a legally compliant cookie banner like consentmanager to obtain user consent.

Once you have this sorted, you should adjust your CMP’s consent process to add the additional consent strings published by Google.
The two new consent strings from Google, which are in addition to the existing onesad_storage andanalytics_storage added are the following:

1. ad_user_data
2. ad_personalization

To use these strings and activate Google Consent Mode in your consentmanager CMP, please read our detailed instructions here: https://help. consentmanager .de/books/cmp/page/working-with-google-consent-mode

consentmanager users can rest assured that consentmanager is one of a handful of CMP providers that offer Google Consent Mode v2 for both websites and apps .

Prepare proactively and use consentmanager as your legally compliant consent management platform. Start transitioning to Google Consent Mode v2 now .

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