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Newsletter 07/2022

Ultra Blocking – more security and faster loading times

An exciting and unique new feature awaits you in our July update with Ultra Blocking. So far, certain cookies have already been set when a page is loaded, which is legally unsafe. The new blocking mechanism “Ultra Blocking” starts one step earlier, in that the browser blocks the cookies that have not been released based on a defined domain list. The consentmanager feature thus offers significantly more security than before and comes up with a faster loading time and lower CPU consumption. This makes the system significantly more efficient.
The function can easily be found in their CMP under menu> CMP’s> Edit> activate “other settings” via a select box.

Review: Missed the webinar?! New video

Did you miss our last webinar? No problem, we recorded the webinar for you. Together with our partner we organized the following webinar:

“Stress-free switch to Google Analytics 4 including cookie banner integration”

In addition to information and tips for the simple and practical implementation of Google Analytics 4, including the integration of the consent manager, data protection aspects in connection with Google Analytics 4 were also examined.

Click here for the video – have fun watching:

Do you already know our partner program?

Are you a marketing agency, IT company, trade association, data protection officer or similar and would like to offer your customers or members an extended service in the area of cookie consent platforms? Then we have the solution for you! Consentmanager offers various partner models for the respective needs.
Benefit from many advantages:

  • Increase your sales through commissions and service contracts with your customers
  • Build trust with your customers as a compliance expert
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

If you have any questions about our partner program, book an appointment with our experts or apply directly using our form at:

More information at:


Consentmanager expands its team! We are looking for committed employees who want to continue growing with us. Exciting tasks and a highly motivated and friendly team are waiting for new colleagues.

Our current positions:

If anyone knows anyone… please spread the word!

More optimizations and adjustments in July

Our update in July has more changes in store for you:

  • You can now choose between different flags for the language selection in the cookie banner
  • Better support for websites with “Shadow DOM”
  • Better bypass of AdBlockers

Further additions and adjustments in the area of ATT targeting, consent mode updates and bug fixes in time-controlled reporting were also carried out. The complete release log can be found here:

Release log

  • CMP-1341 Fix choice existed counting on SPA
  • CMP-1339 Make cookie info CMP-specific
  • CMP-1337 Fix shadow root in old browsers
  • CMP-1331 Fix scheduled reporting missing CMP name
  • CMP-1329 Fix JS compability String.prototype.replaceAll
  • CMP-1328 Rename css class cmpBoxWelcomeOptIn and cmpBoxWelcomeOptOut
  • CMP-1327 Fix imprint/tac link on custom language
  • CMP-1324 Fix recursion issue with getElementsByClassName
  • CMP-1336 “Save my preferences” on second layer
  • CMP-1209 Ultra automatic blocking
  • CMP-811 Update flag icons
  • CMP-1333 Allow ISO Codes instead of flag icons
  • CMP-1323 Content pass: add option to not close layer
  • CMP-1271 Recall icon: Option to show 2nd or 1st layer on click
  • CMP-1265 Add option to have “Use recommended vendors” button
  • CMP-1330 Consent Mode Updates
  • CMP-1320 design option to hide stacks
  • CMP-1319 ATT targeting

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Webinar mit Google: Google Consent Mode v2 verstehen und nahtlos integrieren

Webinar with Google: Understanding and seamlessly integrating Google Consent Mode v2

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Newsletter 05/2024

New integration for Slack, MS Teams and more With the current update, a new integration function for Slack, MS Teams, Zapier and n8n is now available in the system. The function conveniently notifies you in Slack, Teams or any other tool about important changes and news (e.g. new cookies found) in your CMP account. You […]