Newsletter 2021/02

contentpass Integration

Together with our partner contentpass, we have implemented a direct integration of the “PUR model” into the consent manager. Publishers can now integrate contentpass directly from the consentmanager design – without having to spend a lot of time programming or swapping codes: The visitor can either agree to the display of advertising or enjoy an advertising-free website with contentpass for 2.99 EUR per month. The income is shared accordingly between the website and contentpass.(More Info)

Automatic Cookie Deletion

Due to the high demand, we have implemented a function that allows you to actively delete cookies. Even if we generally advise against it, it can be of interest for some applications. If activated, the CMP can now delete the cookies depending on whether the visitor has given/not give consent for a certain vedor. (More Info)

More features and changes

  • Two-factor authentication added
  • Google Limited Ads Support
  • Easier automatic Blocking Code
  • Bugfixes in Reporting
  • Possibility to separate between consent and legitimate interest (IAB TCF)
  • … and many more.

Release log

With the coming release we will apply the following changes:

  • CMP-461 + CMP-425 Delete cookies option
  • CMP-475 Accept all button shall remain if toggle was changed
  • CMP-480 Report app traffic choice existed
  • CMP-491 Simplyfy autoblocking stub code
  • CMP-488 Integration contentpass
  • CMP-482 Issue reporting old data
  • CMP-500 Issue when unblocking etracker
  • CMP-496 Extend activity when using input field
  • CMP-495 Add class into cmpbox depending on content
  • CMP-494 Issue CMP resize
  • CMP-492 Google Limited Ads support
  • CMP-489 Add high-performance option without counting
  • CMP-486 Responsiveness of the buttons
  • CMP-484 Allow age verification with input
  • CMP-481 Crawler ignore webpack alerts
  • CMP-479 Add Remove all vendors button to vendorlist
  • CMP-473 Add 2F-Auth


  • Deprecated: dataLayer.cmpVendorsConsent / dataLayer.cmpCustomVendorsConsent – use dataLayer.cmpConsentVendors instead. Fields will be removed by Dec 2021 (updated)

Not sure if you need a CMP?

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