Newsletter 2021/04


Many customers who use our integrated optimization and A / B testing have wished to have a better understanding of what the system is actually doing. We were happy to comply with this and have conjured up a small, new optimization report.

Here you get further insights into how the individual designs perform, what conclusions the system has drawn and how your acceptance or bounce rate has changed.

More comfortable Crawler-Reports

In addition, we have overhauled the crawler report a little and improved it in some places. For example, unknown domains or cookies can now be assigned directly in the crawler report. We hope that this will make working with the system a little easier for you.

Recordings of Webinars

A few webinars took place again last month. As always, you can find the records on our website:

More features and changes

  • Date and random cookies are now better recognized
  • Various bug fixes in the view & usability
  • Various minor adjustments to design options
  • Automatic blocking code now understands more cases and is more compatible with more vendors
  • … and many more.

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Mobile SDKs

We’ve updated the SDKs for Android and iOS. The iOS SDK is now available  via cocoapod and xcframework. The Android SDK is now available via  maven. If not already done, we recommend to swtich to these versions.

Release log

With the coming release we will apply the following changes:

  • CMP-566 Issue alerting localstorage objects in crawler report
  • CMP-297 Crawler should check assigned domains when reporting unknown domains
  • CMP-296 Crawler should report unknown domains to alertdomain-queue
  • CMP-90 Allow to assign unknown domains to vendor directly in crawler report
  • (obsolete) CMP-373 Crawler: Report which vendor is loaded by which vendor
  • (obsolete) CMP-369 Add new vendors to vendor list but do not display them in consent layer
  • CMP-544 Issue disable autogenerated CSS
  • CMP-551 Add option to only show Save button on welcome screen
  • CMP-548 Issue click on purpose labels in list mode
  • CMP-534 Issue consent layer resurfaces with fingerprinting
  • CMP-502 Issue with AdGuard
  • CMP-487 Merge date cookies automatically
  • CMP-446 Set language per account and subaccount
  • CMP-561 Issue with locales
  • CMP-501 Issues with twitter codes
  • CMP-347 Add Report for A/B-Tests & Optimization

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