Newsletter 2021/05

Improved reporting

This month we focused on the CMP report and introduced many small changes that will make your daily work with the reports easier. This includes multiple selection for filters, more export options, a better overview and explanation of the columns and an improved way of counting acceptance, rejection and user-defined choices.

In addition, we have added various small design features – in particular the option to display a “Save and continue” button at the top right corner in the consent layer in accordance with the CNIL recommendations.

Also new: The categories of processed data are now also displayed for each vendor. The visitor can get more detailed information and legal security is increased.

Webinars in June

In June we will have new webinars for topics around data protection & privacy. These are:

More features and changes

  • More functions for previews (dynamic content blocking)
  • New macros for texts
  • Explicit Consent as the new legal basis
  • Bug fixes for use with IFrames
  • … and many more.

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Reporting change

Please note, that we will update the logic on  how the reporting counts certain numbers (#CMP-441). Before, the column  Consent screen > Accept counted how many times a visitor clicked on  the accept button. After the update we will instead count how often all  vendors are enabled or disabled. This means, that also cases where the  visitor goes into custom settings and enables/disables all vendors are  now counted as “Accept”/”Reject” and no longer as “Custom”.

Release log

With the coming release we will apply the following changes:

  • CMP-444 Export Report to XLSX
  • CMP-567 Reports: Design issue with background overlapping
  • CMP-580 Move privacy link in vendor info below vendor address
  • CMP-605 Add possibility to display data processing categories per vendor
  • CMP-607 Addpossibility to collapse columns in reports
  • CMP-614 Issue deleting vendor from vendorlist
  • CMP-501 Reopened: Issues with twitter embed
  • CMP-360 Separate consent crawls from reject crawls
  • CMP-590 Issue displaying wrong button on design change
  • CMP-606 Improve reporting UX
  • CMP-610 Add option to display button in top right corner of the layer
  • CMP-611 SmartTV SDK: url @ gooff() via parameter
  • CMP-568 Add meta info to report
  • CMP-252 Reporting: Enable multi select for filters
  • CMP-609 Issue tracking non-purpose vendors as rejected
  • CMP-604 Add macro for tooltips
  • CMP-592 Issue loading CMP in IFrame
  • CMP-528 Add possibility to show preview box also when consent is already given
  • CMP-529 Add possibility to change text for each preview
  • CMP-43 Explicit consent
  • CMP-477 Legal basis appears twice in vendor info
  • CMP-441 Report accept/rejected/custom not as “clicked on button” but as “all/no vendors were selected”
  • CMP-346 Double scrollbars on iPhone


  • Deprecated:  dataLayer.cmpVendorsConsent / dataLayer.cmpCustomVendorsConsent – use  dataLayer.cmpConsentVendors instead. Fields will be removed by Dec 2021 

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