Newsletter 2021/06

New visual editor

With the latest update, we have dealt in particular with the topic of design and design adjustments. The design editor has been completely redesigned:

Instead of simply showing a preview as before, the design can now be adjusted directly in the preview. Simply click on a headline, for example, and the settings for the text style will appear. If you click on a button, the settings for button styles appear. This makes it even easier in the future to create your own design exactly to your taste.

In addition, there are many new design options, such as the ability to set the size of the layer more specifically or to use your own icon for the preference center.

Videos of the webinars

There were a few webinars again last month. As always, you can find the videos on our website:

More features and changes

  • Reports can be automated and sent by email
  • New layer position “Push down” moves the website down
  • Dashboard can now be filtered according to CMP
  • New “classic” purpose “social media”
  • … and many more.

Release log

With the coming release we will apply the following changes:

  • CMP-636 Issue models to remove empty items
  • CMP-655 Issue switching buttons
  • CMP-637 Issue disabling consent with contentpass
  • CMP-447 Dashboard customization
  • CMP-511 Add option to blur background
  • CMP-630 Add graph to cmp report
  • CMP-632 Change box size settings
  • CMP-197 Option close button on custom choices page will bring back to welcome screen and not close
  • CMP-298 Set default language on text changes
  • CMP-67 Add option to push down site instead of overlay
  • CMP-386 Visual Design Editor
  • CMP-628 Add classic purpose Social Media
  • CMP-642 Issue with translating lists
  • CMP-648 Report schedule (Enterprise)
  • CMP-195 Mobile box settings with more details
  • CMP-178 Setting (bigger) box size
  • CMP-602 Autoblocking message “unassigned domain” but no domain
  • CMP-183 Use own icon for preference icon
  • CMP-622 Export Report to PDF
  • CMP-497 Add option to show close X only in preference center

Not sure if you need a CMP?

If you are unsure if your company needs a CMP or not, please get in touch with us – we will help you find the right solution for your company!

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