Newsletter 2022/02

We’re excited to announce the latest update that has gone live! Among  many new things, these are the most important features available with  the new update:

Illegal #1: Google Fonts illegal?

At the end of January, the Munich Regional Court had to deal with the topic of Google Fonts (integrating fonts into a website). The court ruled that embedding Google Fonts via Google’s server without consent was illegal and awarded the plaintiff damages. As you are used to from consentmanager, we reacted directly and in this month’s update created the possibility to block Google Fonts and other external font and style elements (automatic blocking: Menu > CMPs > Edit > Other settings > Block stylesheets or manual blocking via code customization, see help).
Our recommendation: Activate blocking or, best of all, simply download the fonts and place them on your own server.

Illegal #2: Google Analytics illegal?

In addition to Google Fonts, Google Analytics was also recently “under fire”: In Austria, the data protection authority decided in a case that Google Analytics was not compatible with the principles of the GDPR, since data is sent to the USA and there is no adequate level of protection. The website operator was therefore prohibited from using Google Analytics (especially since an insufficient consent banner was used in this case). A little later, the Dutch and French data protection authorities followed and also ruled that the (unprotected) integration of Google Analytics was not GDPR-compliant. It can be assumed that other data protection authorities of other countries will follow.
Our recommendation: Only use Google Analytics when consent is given or look for alternatives that are friendly to data protection (e.g. etracker or Matomo).

Illegal #3: IAB TCF illegal?

The Belgian data protection authority has also caused a stir. This had to decide on the IAB TCF standard. The authority found that under the current circumstances, the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework, as well as IAB Europe as the administrative body behind the standard, do not meet various conditions of the GDPR. The IAB has now been given a two-month period to develop an “Action Plan” with proposed changes. The proposed changes are intended to show how the TCF can be redesigned to be GDPR compliant. The IAB Europe has since appealed against the decision. We have collected more details in our FAQ (german).
Our recommendation: If you have nothing to do with online advertising (e.g. e-commerce or company websites), you should not use the IAB TCF standard. If you can’t do without it, you shouldn’t panic now, but wait and see how the situation develops.

Purposes & Slider

Also new this month is the possibility of rearranging and sorting purposes: Simply “drag” the entry and move it to where it should appear.

Our slider feature is also new: Instead of displaying the purposes with several checkboxes on the first page of the consent layer, you can now use a slider. The visitor can then choose between several positions and thus switch several purposes on and off at the same time. The settings for the slider can be found under Menu > Purposes under the list of purposes.

More features and changes

As always, this month we’ve also made many small feature adjustments. There are adjustments when copying CMPs and designs, new options for storing legal bases and more text options for preview images.

Release notes

Note: We will discontinue the serverside fingerprinting feature. The feature will be removed in June 2022.
Note: With the current update we will changed the CSS breakpoint for mobile/tablet to 480×926 in order to cover the latest models.

Deprecation of old CMP codes / Timeline for code updates

Our  plan is it to deprecate old versions of the CMP codes within the next  12-18 months.  Due to the latest issues with the APD/IAB TCF in Belgium  (more in our newsletter), we will wait until the IAB has decided on next  steps/possible upgrades to the TCF (as these updates might require  additional code changes). We hope to be able to announce a final  timeline within the next 2-3 months and a step-by-step deprecation of  old code versions within the following 12 months.

Release log

  • CMP-697 Issue copying designs that were created with old editor use wrong settings
  • CMP-1103 Fix data leak in report scheduling
  • CMP-1109 Applying group rights to user issue
  • CMP-1113 Show info page if not purposes are enabled
  • CMP-1114 Fingerprinting deprecated / will be discontinued soon
  • CMP-1051 Merge CMP more readable
  • CMP-1085 Autoblocking shall block fonts
  • CMP-1088 Show slider instead of toggles on first layer
  • CMP-104 Change order of purposes
  • CMP-466 Issue disabling special purposes
  • CMP-896 New logic for custom purpose order
  • CMP-974 Add special purposes to first layer
  • CMP-1096 Buttons margin issue on tablet
  • CMP-1001 Preview: Add link to vendor details
  • CMP-1030 API: Add call to signal user is logged in
  • CMP-1101 Change mobile css breakpoint to 480×926 (Samsung GN5)
  • CMP-917 Corousel mode to show all purpose descriptions at once

Not sure if you need a CMP?

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