Newsletter 2022/04

New Compliance Report & improved crawler results

This month, a new and improved Compliance Report awaits you in our consentmanager login. The report is now divided into the Risk Report and Cookie Crawler.

The new report was developed, among other things, taking into account official requirements of the CNIL, AEPD or the updated guidelines of the LfDI Baden-Württemberg. The risk report shows the respective vulnerabilities regarding design and CMP settings in a very clear manner.

The individual parameters are listed visually according to the severity of the risk. The report thus enables you to identify and remedy your weak points even more quickly in order to minimise the legal risk in the short term.

The Cookie Crawler, on the other hand, checks for vulnerabilities on the website itself. We have also extended it with a few more parameter checks. In addition, we have improved the loading speed of the crawler report and detail level. Companies that manage multiple CMPs will be particularly pleased with this.
All in all, the Compliance Report now meets further legal requirements in addition to improved functional aspects.

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Further new features and changes

The latest update also comes up with further adjustments and new functionalities. Among other things, there is now a cookie waiting list from which individual cookies can be approved. Furthermore, adjustments have been made to the default texts and the handling of the language settings has been optimised.

Release log

  • CMP-1198 Disable recall icon on print
  • CMP-1188 Consent string last change date incorrect
  • CMP-1205 Risk report
  • CMP-1190 Automatic compliance notification
  • CMP-1216 DataLayer: Add Design ID to datalayer
  • CMP-1201 Show compliance history
  • CMP-1208 Fix Language selection stays open
  • CMP-1140 Fix cookie purpose in cookie list
  • CMP-900 Design: Add color to extended settings
  • CMP-1100 Add cookie waitinglist
  • CMP-644 Additional Crawler checks
  • CMP-879 Crawler alert issue
  • CMP-1166 Change default text from “more info” to “Privacy notice”
  • CMP-1179 CCPA crawler check for DNS-link

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