Newsletter 2022/06

Design Editor now with improved usability

Our design editor has been equipped with new functions. Users now have the possibility to adjust texts & translations directly in the cookie banner: Simply right-click on a heading or text or any other element and the editor not only shows the settings for color or padding etc. but now also allows direct editing of the texts in all languages. This simplifies usability enormously and also saves time. The result can be admired directly. It could hardly be more convenient.

CNIL: FAQs on the use of Google Analytics

The question arises whether or not Google Analytics can be used from a data protection perspective. This is particularly aimed at data transmission to the United States. There are serious concerns about this. In this context, the CNIL (French National Data Protection Authority) published FAQs on the use of Google Analytics on June 7, 2022. The CNIL considers that the transfer of data is illegal and that Google Analytics can therefore largely not be used in compliance with the GDPR.

The FAQs follow the publication of a formal notice in February this year when the CNIL asked a French website operator to comply with the GDPR and to stop using Google Analytics if necessary. Here is an short excerpt from the FAQs:

  • Standard contractual clauses: Google has taken additional technical, legal and organisational measures to protect personal data, but according to the CNIL, they do not provide sufficient protection against requests for information from foreign authorities.
  • Transfer of anonymized data: Here, Google is not able to process personal data anonymized data. Only pseudonymisation measures are offered.
  • Encryption of data: Under certain conditions, encryption could provide additional protection. However, this presupposes that Google does not encrypt the data itself, as is currently the case. The required encryption key must be on the side of the data exporter.

These and other points from the FAQs lead the CNIL to state that the use of Google Analytics is inadmissible with regard to the possible transfer of data to the United States. In the end, however, the CNIL in France must not come to any conclusion different from the general legal situation. Read the full article here:

Attention – don’t miss it! New webinar in June

Together with our partner we are hosting the webinar:

“Switch to Google Analytics 4 with & consentmanager”.
In addition to info and tips for easy and practical implementation, data protection aspects in connection with Google Analytics 4 will also be highlighted.

When?                 24 June 2022 | 11:00 – 12:00 (Zoom meeting)
Language:           German
Register now:


Consentmanager expands its team! We are looking for committed employees who want to grow with us. Exciting tasks and a highly motivated and friendly team are waiting for new colleagues.

Our current positions:

If anyone knows anyone … please spread the word!

Meet us at TactixX 2022 in Munich!

This year’s TactixX will take place in Munich on 12.07.2022. At TactixX, the largest DACH conference for affiliate marketing and display advertising, the industry meets for a lively exchange to discuss current trends and challenges. Of course, the topic of Consent Management is not to be missed.

We will also be there!
Take the opportunity to meet us in person at TactixX.
Book a meeting now:
Date: 12 July 2022
Time: 09:00 to 19:00
Location: Hilton Munich Airport | Terminalstraße Mitte 20 | 85356 Munich

Beta tester wanted

Soon it’s time! Our CMP will be released in a new look shortly. We have placed special emphasis on better user guidance and design features. We would like to invite you to be one of the first users to put our optimised CMP design through its paces. Have we aroused your interest? Then send us an e-mail with the keyword “beta tester” in the subject line to

New optimisations and adjustments

In June, some minor improvements were made or bugs were fixed. These include an update on translation functions of internal texts.  Furthermore, adjustments were made to the crawler, which now displays first party domains as “first party” and no longer as “unknown provider”. As always, there were also many other small innovations and changes.

Release log

  • CMP-1298 Edit texts in visual editor
  • CMP-237 Update on internal domain research
  • CMP-1160 BUG: translation privacy url not working
  • CMP-1263 WCAG Bug aria label
  • CMP-1270 New system vendor Mapbox inc.
  • CMP-1294 Verify google domains
  • CMP-1295 Italian wrong On/Off translation
  • CMP-465 Add auto translate of client texts
  • CMP-1173 Auto translate internal texts
  • CMP-171 Cookie-Wall feature
  • CMP-993 Translate general data categories
  • CMP-1282 Add translations of Categories of processed data (vendor)
  • CMP-1285 Make internal texts translatable for custom languages
  • CMP-1242 Design: option to enable scroll bar
  • CMP-1243 Crawler: Show first party domains as “First party” and not “unknown vendor”
  • CMP-1292 Let crawler ignore same domain
  • CMP-1246 Design editor: Edit icon hard to reach
  • CMP-1249 Design: Check elevated logo
  • CMP-1252 cross domain consent improvement
  • CMP-1272 Extend logic to check for shadow elements to be blocked
  • CMP-1287 Autoblocking access shadow roots
  • CMP-1288 Manual blocking access shadow root
  • CMP-1278 Add support for UK-GDPR + DSG (CH)

Not sure if you need a CMP?

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