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Newsletter 03/2024

NEW: Whistleblower Tool

We are pleased to announce the release of our new whistleblowing software. The software was developed to meet the requirements of the EU Whistleblowing Directive. Our software now offers a simple and secure way for your employees to report concerns. Whistleblowers can easily and anonymously submit their reports using a form on your website embedded via a simple code. Once a report is filed, companies can access these reports directly from their dashboard. consentmanager customers can continue to manage reports efficiently and categorize them by status. Respond quickly to concerns and create a trustworthy environment with the help of consentmanager ‘s whistleblower software. To find out more, click here:

Mobile App Consent available for iOS, Android, Unity, React Native & Flutter apps

Keep your mobile app compliant and user-friendly with our mobile SDK integration for iOS, Android, Unity, React Native, and Flutter. Full details and further information on how to make your app compliant can now be found on our dedicated Mobile App Consent page. Mobile apps often process personal data. For this reason, it is important that apps comply with global privacy laws such as the GDPR and CCPA, as well as the privacy requirements of the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. With consentmanager ‘s solution, you can be sure that you will achieve a better user experience through customizable designs, machine learning and A/B testing. By supporting standards such as IAB TCF v2.2 and Google Consent Mode v2, our solution is the best way to protect user privacy while promoting the growth of your app. Protect your app’s usability by ensuring compliance through integration with our Mobile SDK.
Visit our dedicated page here to get started:

IAB TCF – Decision March 8, 2024: Important news for publishers and advertisers

The European Court of Justice recently decided in an important ruling that the TC string (“Consent String”) under the IAB TCF is considered personal data within the meaning of the GDPR. In addition, it was decided that IAB Europe should be considered a “joint controller” in these cases. This highlights the shared responsibility between IAB Europe and its members in collecting users’ consent preferences. To find out more about the impact of the ruling and the steps necessary to ensure compliance, please contact our support or visit our information page:

New webinar video: Google Consent Mode v2

At the 27. And Our webinar on Google Consent Mode v2 took place on February 28th.
If you would like to know more about the legal and technical requirements on this topic, you can now watch the webinar video.

The webinar video is available in German and English.

Webinar video in German: https://www. consentmanager
Webinar video in English: https://www. consentmanager .net/webinar/

Webinar Google Consent Mode v2

New video: Webinar “No cookies = revenues lost?”

On Monday, March 11, 2024, the webinar “No cookies = revenues losses?” took place together with our partner Refinery89. The two experts Robin de Wit (CSO Refinery89) and Jan Winkler (CEO consentmanager ) have intensively examined the effects of a cookie-less world on publishers and advertisers.

The webinar video is now available at:

OMR24: consentmanager is there! Save the date!

On the 7th And on May 8th, the OMR in Hamburg will open its doors to the digital world again. consentmanager will also be present again as an exhibitor with a stand. So don’t miss the opportunity and visit us in person at OMR. We are the ones with the funny mascot. 😉

Secure a meeting appointment now:
https://www. consentmanager

Date: May 7th + 8th, 2024
Location: Hamburg Fair | Messeplatz 1 | 20357 Hamburg
Hall A4 | Booth D07

consentmanager is at the OMR this year 2024

Further optimizations and adjustments in March

In March, among other things, the following adjustments were made and errors were fixed:
New features have been added to make CMP more convenient to use. The compliance report can now be sent by email, individual notes can be added to a specific vendor, the height and width of the logo can be adjusted, as well as mass editing of integrations. Copying templates from account A to account B is now also possible.

Further innovations and optimizations can be found in the complete release log:

Release log

  • New Feature: Whistleblowing Addon
  • Add protocol view to purposes
  • Add option to email compliance report
  • Add option to disable transition effect in designs
  • Add reporting column for auto-accept (eg opt-out regs)
  • Add possibility to add notes to a vendor
  • Add height & width to CMP logo
  • Add mass edit also for Integrations
  • Add option: Custom choices should only show purposes (expand purpose shows vendors)
  • Reseller: Add option to copy design from account A to account B
  • Fix: Report sorting incorrect
  • Fix: Purpose description dropdown
  • Fix: Upload of translations for default design doesn’t work
  • Fix: Design not shown as selected
  • Fix: Magento plugin maintenance
  • Fix: Report: Filter by Domain doesn’t work
  • Fix: Issues displaying cookie list
  • Fix: Some clients have PCP is only enabled for 1x language
  • Fix: Legal base modal select UI broken

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