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Newsletter 05/2024

New integration for Slack, MS Teams and more

With the current update, a new integration function for Slack, MS Teams, Zapier and n8n is now available in the system. The function conveniently notifies you in Slack, Teams or any other tool about important changes and news (e.g. new cookies found) in your CMP account. You no longer need to actively log into the CMP to check for updates. The system sends you a message directly from the backend to the appropriate channel.
The new integration functions can be found under: Menu> Account> Integrations.

Read more about it in our article here: https://help. consentmanager .de/books/cmp/page/integrating-microsoft-teams-slack-zapier-n8n

IAB Europe on ‘Consent or Pay’ models

IAB Europe responds to the EDPB ‘s recent opinion on the “Consent or Pay” model. This model, introduced by major online platforms such as Meta, gives users the choice of consenting to data processing for personalized advertising or paying for an ad-free service. In its statement of 23 April, IAB Europe expresses its concern that such models could create legal uncertainty for companies. They also fear that the EDPB misrepresents the “consent or pay” model as a system that could treat data protection rights as a luxury that only a few can afford. Read more about this topic here: https:// consentmanager .de/wissen/iab-europe-reagiert-auf-edsa-stellungnahme-zu-consent-or-pay-modellen/

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Data protection in Germany: New developments and requirements

The data protection landscape in Germany continues to develop. This development is driven by increased interest from the population and the government as well as by important court decisions such as the ruling of the Cologne Higher Regional Court, which calls for simple and user-friendly consent options for cookies. Regional reports highlight pressing issues such as health data protection and the use of artificial intelligence and call for regulatory innovations. Companies must therefore remain vigilant and adapt to meet the high legal requirements and expectations for correct consent mechanisms. Read more about this in our detailed article here: consentmanager

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Webinar: Google Consent Mode v2 with guest speaker from Google

Due to the ongoing demand for dealing with Google’s new requirements for Google Consent Mode v2, consentmanager is hosting another webinar on this topic together with Google on June 12th. Dennis Gingele from Google and Jan Winkler from consentmanager will jointly explain the most important facts and background information on Google Consent Mode v2.

Webinar: Google Consent Mode v2 with Dennis Gingele (Google) and Jan Winkler ( consentmanager )
When? June 12, 2024 | 11:00 CET

Join Now:

6 years of GDPR: A celebration of its far-reaching impact

On 25 May 2024 we celebrate the sixth anniversary of the General Data Protection Regulation. Since its introduction, the GDPR has fundamentally improved the security of personal data, strengthened the rights of individuals and clarified the responsibilities of organizations. This article provides an overview of the transformative impact of the GDPR. Read more here: consentmanager

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Data protection officer: Does your company need one?

When is a data protection officer mandatory? Is it better to appoint an internal or external DPO? Our current article deals with the most important criteria for appointing a data protection officer (DPO) and answers the question of whether this role is mandatory for your company under the requirements of the GDPR. Read the full article here and make sure your company meets the requirements of the GDPR: consentmanager

Graphic for the GDPR data protection officer:

That was the OMR24!

The OMR24 has barely begun and it is already over. Two days of intensive discussions on the topics of cookie banners, data privacy and more are behind us. We would like to thank all visitors, customers and interested parties for the stimulating discussions at our stand.
But after the event is before the event… and on 18. & 19 September we look forward to welcoming you personally at the DMEXCO in Cologne. Save the date!

consentmanager at OMR24 Hamburg

Google supports the IAB Global Privacy Platform (GPP) in additional US states

Google recently began supporting the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Global Privacy Platform (GPP) to help publishers and Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) comply with data protection laws through a standardized framework. Google is now starting to support the US states via GPP: California, Virginia, Colorado and Connecticut. This move is part of Google’s overall strategy as support for the previous Standard (“US Privacy String”) expires. Make sure now that your platform remains compliant and efficient with the consentmanager CMP: consentmanager

New Google CMP requirements for Swiss publishers

Publishers in Switzerland who use websites or apps to monetize via Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager or Google AdMob must inform themselves about Google’s new requirements. By July 2024, websites or apps must integrate a Google-certified Consent Management Platform (CMP). consentmanager is a partner of Google and already meets these requirements and supports the IAB TCF so that publishers can continue to deliver personalized advertising. Publishers who do not meet the requirements will not be able to place advertisements. To ensure compliance and protect your monetization opportunities. Read more here: consentmanager

Note: Update your iOS SDK

As mentioned in our release notes, Apple recently updated its requirements for app developers and now requires the integration of a privacy manifest into apps. If you are using our iOS SDK, we strongly recommend updating to version 2.x so that your app includes the required manifest files. This update is necessary to ensure compliance with Apple’s latest privacy standards.

For detailed instructions on how to implement these changes and download the latest SDK version, please visit our help page: https://help. consentmanager .net/books/cmp/page/ios-4-apple-privacy-manifest

Further optimizations and adjustments in May

In May, the following adjustments were made and errors corrected, among others:
In the dashboard, the missing scaling in the timeline chart has been added. In the Privacy Policy Generator, the setting options have been refined and problems with the language setting for Polish have been resolved. The incomplete display of cookie names in the cookie list, which occurred especially with newly found cookies, no longer occurs after the current update.

As always, you can find further innovations and optimizations in the release log:

Release log

  • New: Add connection to MS teams/Slack
  • New: Add possibility to add notes to a Vendor
  • New: Add client side config to show TV integration QR code as link
  • New: Add “select all” for mass edit
  • New: Add possibility to mass select via Shift
  • Design: Design modal UX improvement
  • Design: Checkout UX improvement
  • Design: CMP Modal UX improvement
  • Design: Codes UX improvement
  • Fix: Dashboard chart dates are missing
  • Fix: Sorting vendor list
  • Fix: Issues displaying cookie list
  • Fix: Notifications incorrectly displayed
  • Fix: Tooltip incorrectly aligned
  • Fix: Reporting incorrect if designs are selected
  • Fix: PCP settings fine tuning
  • Fix: PCP issue with polish language

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Webinar mit Google: Google Consent Mode v2 verstehen und nahtlos integrieren

Webinar with Google: Understanding and seamlessly integrating Google Consent Mode v2

Due to the high demand for information on setting up and dealing with the new requirements of Google Consent Mode v2, consentmanager and Google have organized another webinar on this topic on June 12, 2024. The webinar took place in German. You missed it? No problem! The PDF of the webinar can be downloaded here […]
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Webinar: Google Consent Mode v2 with Google and consentmanager

Join our exclusive webinar hosted by consentmanager in collaboration with Google on June 12, 2024 at 11:00 CET. Due to high demand for information on the latest Google requirements, this webinar will help you better understand Google Consent Mode v2. Dennis Gingele from Google and Jan Winkler from consentmanager will present the essential facts and […]