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Newsletter 06/2024

New Addon: Privacy-friendly Website Analytics

With the June update, the new add-on “Website Analytics” is available in your account. Here we combine the two components that we are particularly good at: real data protection and great reporting.

The advantage of our new privacy-friendly website analytics lies primarily in data protection and the simplicity of the system:

  • No cookies or similar technologies
  • No personal data stored
  • Only as aggregated data & only server locations in Europe
  • Just one line of code copy&paste into your website

With our privacy-friendly website analytics, we would like to try to offer a simple alternative to complex analysis systems: No sophisticated visitor tracking, but a simple overview, without detours and straight to the point. Find out at a glance:

  • How many visitors does my website have?
  • How many page views did I have in a period of time?
  • Where do the visitors come from?
  • Which websites refer visitors to me?
  • How are my marketing campaigns going?
  • and much more

The new tool is now available to all customers as Basic version (up to 5000 page views) – if you want to use more, you will find corresponding upgrades.

Test now: Simply click consentmanager Menu in the new consentmanager interface> Click Website Analytics and get started!

New milestone in data protection: American Privacy Right Act 2024

There are currently 19 states in the USA with corresponding laws in force. The American Privacy Rights Act (APRA), introduced on April 7, 2024, aims to create uniform data protection and security standards across the United States. This proposed bill will regulate AI and automated decision-making technologies and set new rules for “large data collectors” and “data brokers.”

Read more about it here:

American Privacy Rights Act 2024 Newsletter Header

Dutch Data Protection Authority publishes guide on cookie banners

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, AP) has published new guidance on the compliant use of cookie consent banners and will strengthen its controls. Key recommendations include providing clear information, using clear text, and presenting all choices on a single level, with no pre-selected options. Download our free best practices checklist to avoid potential penalties.

The full article can be found here:

Dutch DPA releases guidelines on cookie banners

Meta delays AI development in the EU

The organization noyb (none of your business) has filed complaints against Meta in 11 EU countries and accuses the company of serious violations of the GDPR. At the heart of the case is Meta’s use of EU users’ personal data to train its unnamed AI technology without the required consent of users, which is scheduled to take place from June 26, 2024. In response, noyb filed 11 complaints in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Spain, demanding that Meta pause its planned AI activities. Meta has therefore temporarily postponed its plans to develop AI in the EU. The Data Protection Commission (DPC) stated in its opinion on the case that it will continue to work with Meta on this matter, in cooperation with the other EU data protection authorities.

On noyb’s complaint:

Meta's AI developments in the EU on hold

IAB Europe introduces Special Purpose 3: No immediate action required for consentmanager customers

On June 3, 2024, IAB Europe launched a new version of TCF v2.2, which includes the new Special Purpose 3, “Save and Communicate Privacy Choices”. This new purpose facilitates the processing of TC strings (Transparency and Consent Strings) to verify the user’s consent and choices regarding data protection when these strings are considered personal data, thus ensuring compliance with the requirements of the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive.

Providers must specify this purpose in order to demonstrate that the interests and rights of users are not disregarded. CMPs must implement the new measure by October 4, 2024. No immediate action is required for consentmanager customers. IAB Info PDF on Special Purpose 3:

New webinar video: Google Consent Mode v2

On June 12, Google and consentmanager held a joint webinar on the topic of “ Google Consent Mode v2”. Dennis Gingele from Google and Jan Winkler from consentmanager presented the most important facts and background information on Google Consent Mode v2.

If you missed the webinar, you can now watch the webinar recording. Click here to watch the video:

Webinar with Google: Understanding and seamlessly integrating Google Consent Mode v2

More optimizations and adjustments in June

In June, the following adjustments were made and errors corrected, among others:
In the reporting area, the appearance of the Optimization Report has been made more user-friendly. An error message that occurred when navigation was too fast compared to the page loading speed has been removed. Fixed an issue when using the client interface in two windows at the same time. The Shopify integration steps in the help have been updated.
Further innovations and optimizations can be found in the complete release log:

Release log

  • New Addon: Website Analytics
  • Fix: Confirm dialog lays below CMP modal
  • Fix: GCP out preventing TCF signals from being sent
  • Fix: Issue using client interface in two windows at the same time
  • Fix: Vendor AWIN disconnected from
  • Fix: PCP issue in PL language
  • Fix: Remove alert message on user abort
  • Fix: Version issue with publishing changes
  • Fix: CMP Modal list count incorrect
  • Fix: TCF length issue inApp
  • Fix: TCF Consent Mode flag inApp
  • Fix: Added support for TCF PublisherTC segment
  • Updated Shopify API Integration
  • Updated Shopify Help Section & Integration Video
  • Updated Privacy Policy
  • Updated Styling of Optimization Report
  • Updated styling of integration settings

more comments

Einhaltung der EU-Verordnung über künstliche Intelligenz consentmanager

EU Act on Artificial Intelligence

EU AI Act comes into force in August 2024 Following the European Commission’s initial proposal in April 2021, the European Parliament adopted the EU AI Act, which was published in the Official Journal of the European Union in July 2024 and is available in all member state languages. The Act will officially enter into force in August […]
Dutch DPA releases Guidelines on Cookie Banners

Dutch DPA: Guidance on cookie consent and increased inspections

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, AP) has released a new guide detailing proper practices for cookie consent banners and highlighting actions to avoid in order to prevent fines. As announced in February 2024, the dutch AP will increase the frequency of checks to ensure websites are correctly obtaining permission for tracking cookies and other tracking software. […]