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Newsletter 11/2023

Google Core Web Vitals & More APIs

With the November update, we focused on introducing features and improvements that can help website owners.

Most importantly, we have optimized the structure of the consentmanager CMP code. This makes the code around 30% smaller and can be executed faster by the browser. The improved consentmanager code thus contributes to shortening the loading time, which has a positive effect on the so-called Google Core Web Vitals. The Core Web Vitals are used by Google as KPIs to display website performance and contribute significantly to the positioning of the website in SEO.

Second, we integrated various third-party APIs directly into our system. This makes working with these providers particularly easy: the new Integrations menu item now includes support for Hubspot, Piwik, Matomo and Piano.

New court ruling on the subject of “Do-Not-Track-Signals”

In a recent ruling, the Berlin Regional Court decided that so-called DNT signals, also known as Do-Not-Track signals, may not be ignored by website operators. What does that mean exactly? The Do-Not-Track function can be set by the Internet user in the browser. By activating this function, the operator of the website you are surfing is prohibited from tracking and evaluating your own internet activities.
In the ruling by the Berlin Regional Court, the Federation of German Consumer Organizations (vzbv) took legal action against the LinkedIn network. LinkedIn had suggested to its users that LinkedIn’s DNT signals did not have to be observed and that LinkedIn user profiles were also published outside the network itself. However, according to the regional court, this contradicts the General Data Protection Regulation. The do-not-track signal represents an effective objection to the tracking of one’s own surfing activities.

What does this mean for the use of the CMP? DNT signals from the browser must be accepted by the CMP – therefore our recommendation: Activate the DNT in your CMP.

In the consentmanager CMP you activate this function as follows:
Menu> CMPs> Other settings> Privacy-APIs> DNT

EU Whistleblower Directive

Take a look at our dedicated whistleblowing policy page: an overview of the legislation and a preview of our soon-to-be-launched integrated whistleblowing tool. This requirement, which will soon apply to all companies in the EU, requires all EU-registered SMEs to set up internal reporting channels and a dedicated whistleblowing manager or contact person within the company by December 17, 2023. Find the information you need on our site and contact our team of experts to ensure you comply with the whistleblowing policy requirements.

Find out more now:

consentmanager report in focus: Traffic Flow

At your consentmanager dashboard, data is at your fingertips. In your dashboard you’ll find a powerful report, the Traffic Flow Report, that allows you to understand your customer’s consent journey. So how can this data help your business? The Traffic Flow Report allows you to identify high drop-off points at specific points of interaction with your cookie banner. And identifying and closing these gaps and re-engaging your users means a chance of increased data collection for you and your team.
Make data-driven decisions to improve your marketing efforts. Dive into the full article now and start leveraging your site’s data like never before!

Read more here:

Don’t miss: Webinar “Third-party cookies: time to say goodbye.”

On Tuesday, December 5th at 11:00 a.m. the webinar “Third-party cookies: time to say goodbye” will take place together with our partner . Learn more about the business challenges facing publishers as a result of the decline in cookies and how they can overcome them.

Register now:

The webinar will take place in English.

Switch to IAB TCF v2.2 completed

On November 20, 2023, the IAB TCFv2 was converted to version v2.2. We have already pointed out this in the last newsletter. As of this date, all CMPs that have IAB TCF enabled have been automatically updated to the new version. With the upgrade, the names of the TCF purposes have changed slightly, as have some provider information in the consent layer.

Find more background information in the following blog article:

Reminder: Use a Google certified CMP

As of January 16, 2024, Google requires the use of a Google-certified CMP. This affects Google partners in the EEA and UK who use one or more of the following Google products Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager or AdMob.

See also the following blog article:
consentmanager already meets all of Google’s requirements.

Further optimizations and adjustments in November

In November, the following adjustments were made and bugs fixed, among others:
The crawler now also reports whether and for which properties the consent mode is used. It is now also possible to add an additional consent option at the first level.
Furthermore, visual optimizations have been made to the user interface to improve user-friendliness, such as the Compliance Report upper view or the wizard display.

Further innovations and optimizations can be found in the complete release log:

Release log

  • Remove TCF 2.0 support (only 2.2 remain)
  • Add option to remove staging from a CMP
  • Add additional text field for “always active”
  • Add notification on expired cc
  • Add use of custom CSS via CMP
  • Add mass edit for cookies
  • Add consent mode check to crawler
  • Add API: Remove from reseller
  • Add option to CMP to choose language from page instead of browser
  • Google Consent Mode v2 support
  • Consent Mode: Add setting for default wait time
  • Consent Mode: Set more defaults for passthrough and redaction
  • GTM Template update for Consent Mode 2.0
  • Extend shopify API load
  • Add Support for Piano API
  • Add Support for Matomo Consent API
  • Add support for Piwik API
  • Add support for HubSpot API
  • Add mail verification on subaccounts
  • Add possibility for additional consent on first layer
  • Bug fix: Compliance overview
  • Bugfix: Overview report: Traffic flow names broken
  • Bugfix: Design List view shows edit/delete
  • Bugfix: Cookie list: Privacy page link of unknown vendors
  • Bugfix: Polish VAT (VIES) number fails internal VAT check
  • Bugfix: Main account shall only take 1 email
  • Bug fix: Fix CC currencies
  • Bugfix: Toggle text doesn’t change
  • Bugfix: PL client choose PLN in upgrade but contract is shown EUR
  • Bugfix: Description macros incorrect
  • Design: Layout cookie page with multiple domains
  • Design: Remove Design Prefix on copied designs
  • Design: Adding multiple vendors from page 2,3,4…
  • Design: Groups display in CMP modal list
  • Design: CMP modal issues
  • Design: Fix translation issue
  • Design: Fine tuning package page
  • Design: Fine tuning upgrade page
  • Design: Fix rounding varies
  • Design: Fix padding bottom in cookie list
  • Design: Add loading animation when CMP report is started
  • Bugfix: Design full screen preview cannot choose CMP
  • Bugfix: TV SDK: QR Code animation moves content
  • Bug fix: Remove link under QR code
  • Bugfix: Remove link on powered by icon in TVSDK
  • Design: Fine tuning stacks design
  • Design: CMP wizard show Name validation
  • Design: Incorrect TCF compliance display
  • Design: Flag icons missing
  • Design: Vendorlist context menu actions missing
  • Design: Vendor list design
  • Design: Feature list incorrectly displayed
  • Design: Add vendors design
  • Design: Legal basis for vendors
  • Bugfix: Remove link to staging on delete cmp
  • Design: Move Integrations into main menu
  • Bugfix: Import purposes is empty
  • Bugfix: Issue copying cmp with active custom stacks
  • Design: Pay now link missing (Invoices list)
  • Design: Wizard design upgrade
  • Design: Compliance Overview Report
  • Bugfix: Button text changes on use of back
  • React native sdk

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