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Our new Website is finally ready We are happy to present you our new logo and our new website. Our well-known hexagon is retained, but is now fresher and more modern. IAB TCF policy changes As announced in the last newsletter the IAB has adjusted the policy for participating in the IAB TCF. Please note … Continue

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In our last post we looked at PIPEDA and CPPA from a general point of view. Now let's take a deeper look on what is required for websites regarding Cookies, privacy notices and similar topics. Continue

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PIPEDA is relevant to all businesses addressing consumers in Canada with services and products. A guide to privacy compliance. Continue

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Recording of our webinar on 11 Dec 2020 In this online course you will learn: What is the IAB TCF? When to use the IAB TCF – and when not? How to setup your consentmanager account for IAB TCF? Integration of the CMP-Code into your website IAB TCF & Google Ad Manager / Google AdSense … Continue

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Recording of our webinar on 09 Dec 2020 How to use the consentmanager Cookie Consent Solution? In this online webinar you will learn: Legal background: Why is a cookie consent solution necessary? Create and setup of CMPs, Vendors, Purposes and Designs Integration of the CMP-Code into your website Working with 3rd Party tools: Google Analytics, … Continue

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What is CPPA? CPPA stands for Consumer Privacy Protection Act. It is a new Canadian legislation that was introduced as a bill on 17 November 2020. CPPA has similarities to GDPR and LGPD. It is expected that CPPA will come intor force in late 2021 or early 2020. Is a Cookie Layer required? In the … Continue


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