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Webinar: Cookie Banner: GDPR compliant with consentmanager & OXID

On October 4, 2023, we hosted the webinar “Cookie Banner: GDPR compliant with consentmanager & OXID” together with our partner OXID. Insights into the international legal situation and the integration of a cookie banner in connection with the new OXID plugin were explained in a practical way, along with the legal basics surrounding the GDPR.

The following topics were discussed:

  • Why GDPR compliance is important: GDPR, TTDSG, nFADP , PIPEDA and Co.
  • Example of a compliant cookie banner
  • How do I integrate my consentmanager cookie banner with OXID?


In the “Webinar: Cookie Banner: GDPR compliant with consentmanager & OXID”, participants were guided through the digital compliance topic area, with a focus on cookie banners. The presentation emphasized the importance of compliance with data protection regulations such as the GDPR, the TTDSG, the revised FADP ( nFADP ), PIPEDA and others. Companies of all sizes should align their online activities with the regulations that apply to them. Fines for large and medium-sized companies have already been discussed.

The webinar presented a concrete example of a compliant cookie banner and explained what companies should do on their websites to efficiently meet legal requirements. The fundamental differences between the first and second level of a cookie banner were discussed, as well as the question of why certain functions must be included.

Finally, it was explained step by step how the consentmanager cookie banner can be integrated into an OXID eShop. This part of the webinar was aimed at website operators or developers who use the OXID eShop as an e-commerce platform. The participants were shown how the consentmanager solution can be effectively integrated.

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