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about us

Our team consists of experts from the fields of law, marketing, product development, publishing and many more. Together we combine several hundred years of activity in our respective special fields.

Managing directors

Jan Winkler

Jan is the founder and managing director. He has been working in the AdTech industry for companies like AdTiger and AdSpirit for 15 years.

Christofer Linusson

Christofer heads the German branch in Hamburg. He has called the digital industry his specialty for around 10 years.

Götz Sielk

Götz focuses on marketing and growth. He is a business expert and has worked on digital products for AOL and IMG for over 20 years.

Hanna Melin

Hanna is our CFO. She worked for over 10 years in finance and controlling for companies such as Bombardier Transport.

Falko Berg

Falko is our CTO and brings several years of experience from the AdTech industry to our team.

Olivier Chouraki

Olivier is a software engineer and entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the digital advertising industry.


consentmanager was originally founded in Sweden and our headquarters is here. Due to the long time that we have been on the market, further subsidiaries have been added in individual countries bit by bit. In addition to our headquarters in Stockholm (SE), we have our customer support in Hamburg (DE) and Paris (FR), as well as our development groups in Berlin (DE) and Zurich (CH).