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Newsletter 12/2023

Goodbye, 3rd party cookies: This is how online tracking is changing

The countdown is on: prepare to phase out third-party cookies. The end of an era! Google Chrome, the last of the major browsers, will say goodbye to third-party cookies by the end of 2024. The changes will begin in the first quarter of 2024. What does this mean for marketers, advertisers and publishers like you? Our latest article takes a deep dive into the impact, explains the timeline and provides key insights into the future.
We discuss the likely scenarios and how this transition could change advertising models and marketing activities, including how to prepare for the end of third-party cookies.

To the blog article:

Google Consent Mode v2: It’s that easy

In early 2024, Google’s March deadline for rolling out Consent Mode v2 to certain websites and apps is approaching. According to Google’s official announcement, all platforms targeting users within the EEA and the UK must integrate Google Consent Mode v2.

Our article on Google Consent Mode v2 shows you how you can implement this with consentmanager , a consent management platform certified by Google. In this guide, we’ll explain how to integrate Google Consent Mode v2, where you can find it in your dashboard, and go over Google’s Basic and Advanced implementation methods. If you’re pressed for time or want to get started with the implementation process, use this article as your first stop. Click here to get started:

CMP reports are now even clearer

Have you noticed it yet? With the current update, the dashboard of our CMP has changed (for customers who use the new interface – do you still have the old one? Then switch to the new interface at the bottom left under the navigation!). So that you can view relevant statistics even faster, you can now find the overview report directly on your dashboard. The usability of the CMP report has also been optimized – you can now find it first in the reporting navigation bar. Try it out now.

Deadline January 16, 2024: Are you ready for Google’s new requirements?

Do you as a company use one of Google’s products such as Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager or AdMob in the EEA and UK? Then you should mark January 16, 2024 red on your calendar. From this day forward, Google requires the use of a Google-certified IAB TCF CMP. If you already have a consentmanager CMP in use, you can breathe a sigh of relief because the consentmanager CMP is already one of the CMPs certified by Google. If not, you should act quickly. Our experts will be happy to advise you – simply make an appointment at:

If you would like to learn more about the new CMP certification requirements and the new IAB TCF standards, read our blog articles:

Missed the webinar? Video “Thirdparty cookies cancellation: so, what do we do now?”

On Tuesday, December 5th, the webinar “Thirdparty cookies cancellation: so, what do we do now?” took place together with our partner Jan Winkler (CEO consentmanager ) highlighted the business challenges for publishers due to the abolition of third-party cookies and how first-party cookies can be used as an alternative. These are just a few points from the webinar.
Find out more now and watch the webinar video:

Limited availability between Christmas and New Year

We would like to point out that we are only available to a limited extent between Christmas and New Year. However, we will try to process your requests as quickly as possible. Please understand if there are delays.

That was 2023 – an exciting year is coming to an end!

The year is coming to an end and we are reviewing the events once again. In the area of ​​data protection, new legal regulations have been introduced, which we have taken into account by further developing our consent management platform. At the OMR and DMEXCO we were able to welcome many familiar and new faces to our stand. New, exciting partnerships were concluded.

Our thanks also go to our loyal customers, partners and interested readers this year.
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and come into the New Year healthy and full of energy! The consentmanager team will be ready for you again in 2024 with great enthusiasm.

Merry Christmas!
Your consentmanager team

Further optimizations and adjustments in December

In December, among other things, the following adjustments were made and errors were fixed:
An important change is the adaptation to the new Google Advanced Consent Mode v2. Here the AC2 format for ATP has been added for support.
In CMP you now also have the option to change your username in the account details. This was previously not possible in the new user interface. After the update, sorting of most tables is finally available. More new cookie banner designs have been added to the default theme templates.

Further innovations and optimizations can be found in the complete release log:

Release log

  • Add Support for Google Additional Consent v2 (AC2 Format for ATP)
  • CSS underline text aligned
  • Preferences icon setting
  • Dropdown search in base element
  • Stack suggestion missing
  • Add risk check for no purpose description
  • GTM Template update for Consent Mode 2.0
  • Update Compliance Overview Report
  • Design copy: Issue with copying connected texts
  • Allow sorting of tables
  • Add option to automatically add new GVL vendors to vendorlist
  • Contentpass: Switch to async logic
  • Carousel: Scroll on expand
  • Deactivate legal basis text for vendors
  • Make Wizard app friendly
  • Account details: Change username
  • Disabling IAB Stacks if TCF is not used
  • Merge overview report with dashboard
  • CMP Report UX improvements
  • Improve UX of select fields
  • Hide expand icon if no content is present
  • Fix language input varies in height
  • Allow download/upload if translation texts
  • Integration instructions UX improvements
  • Separate divs for buttons and links
  • Allow setting the icons for second layer buttons
  • Design Modal UX improvements
  • CMP Modal UX improvements
  • Add new default designs

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Webinar mit Google: Google Consent Mode v2 verstehen und nahtlos integrieren

Webinar with Google: Understanding and seamlessly integrating Google Consent Mode v2

Due to the high demand for information on setting up and dealing with the new requirements of Google Consent Mode v2, consentmanager and Google have organized another webinar on this topic on June 12, 2024. The webinar took place in German. You missed it? No problem! The PDF of the webinar can be downloaded here […]

Newsletter 05/2024

New integration for Slack, MS Teams and more With the current update, a new integration function for Slack, MS Teams, Zapier and n8n is now available in the system. The function conveniently notifies you in Slack, Teams or any other tool about important changes and news (e.g. new cookies found) in your CMP account. You […]