Important: Deprecation of old codes

​Please note, that we have started to deprecate old codes. The timeline for deprecation is 01 July 2023 and 31st of December 2023. Until then, you will need to find and replace old codes (depending on the age of the codes that you are using). This affects automatic blocking codes, manual/semiautomatic blocking  codes, cookie list codes, vendor list codes, JS API access, AMP codes  and mobile SDKs. Within the next months, we will also add a log on our end and inform clients in their dashboard when they are using old codes  and a switch is necessary.

Old codes can be identified by including one of these things:

1) Deprecated use of domain (support removed on 01 July 2023)

Codes that have been issued before Mid-2021 will contain URLs for the domain If you are using any codes that include this domain, please update the codes to the new version found in your  consentmanager Login. These codes MUST be updated latest by 01 July 2023!

2) Deprecated use of CMP-ID instead of Code-ID (support removed on 31 Dec 2023)

Old codes are using the specific CMP-ID in the code (e.g. the URL will say  …?id=123). The support for CMP-IDs in codes is now deprecated. Instead, all new codes will contain code-IDs. Code-IDs are a mix of numbers and characters and are at least 9 characters long (e.g. “de8b8d81224a”).  Code-IDs are set using a different JS Variable in the CMP-Code  (window.cmp_cdid = … or data-cmp-cdid=”…”). If you are using any codes that still includes CMP-IDs instead of Code-IDs, please update the codes to the new version found in your consentmanager Login. These codes must be updated latest by 31 Dec 2023.

3) Deprecated use of old SDK Versions below 1.5 (support removed on 31 Dec 2023)

We have updated the SDKs for Android and iOS on in order to allow the use of Code-IDs (see description above). The updated SDKs start with version number 1.5. SDKs with version numbers below 1.5 are now deprecated. These SDKs must be updated latest by 31 Dec 2023.

4) Updates on Plugins (no immediate action needed)

If you are using any of the consentmanager plugins (e.g. WordPress,  Magento, GTM, …), the updates will most likely be automatically appear in your CMS system. Please note that not all plugins are updated yet. We  will inform users directly in your consentmanager Dashboard if/when changes are necessary.

Do you have questions?

Unser Support-Team steht Ihnen für Fragen rund um die Anpassung und Aktualisierung der Codes sehr gerne zur Verfügung.

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