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Newsletter: Google Consent Mode v2 will be mandatory from March 2024

Google has an announcement for you about an important update to the digital advertising landscape: Google Consent Mode v2 is here.

This new update brings important changes that advertisers and publishers need to be aware of. First things first: The use of Google Consent Mode v2 will be mandatory for all websites that use Google services.

The deadline for implementing Google Consent Mode v2 is March 2024, so make sure you have checked whether you need to fulfil the requirements. We can help you with the changeover.

Consent Mode – What is it?

Google Consent Mode v2 is a mechanism that works with your website’s consent banner and adjusts the behaviour of your Google tags or scripts depending on whether the end user accepts or declines your consent banner. The new Google Consent Mode v2 can provide you with improved conversion data even under limited privacy conditions.

Previously, Google Consent Mode was optional and was used to enable conversion modelling in Google AdWords. The use of a Google-certified consent management platform was also optional.

Now things are changing: Google Consent Mode v2 is mandatory to track anything at all. And using a Google-certified consent management platform to manage consent is now also mandatory.

TThe good news: consentmanager is already a Google-certified CMP and already supports Consent Mode v2. So if you integrate Google services on your website or app, all you need to do is make sure that Google Consent Mode is enabled in your consentmanager dashboard! You can find a video on our website with instructions on how to activate it:

Not using consentmanager yet?

If you are not yet using a Google-certified CMP, it’s high time you made the switch. Let our experts advise you and arrange an appointment

Don’t forget the deadline for implementation: March 2024

Advertisers and publishers have until March 2024 to ensure they’ve implemented all of Google’s requirements for the new consent mode. This gives you plenty of time to adjust your strategies and make the most of the new features.

Take action now! Visit our dedicated Google Consent Mode v2 page to find out everything you need to know about this update. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to ensure your ad campaigns are compliant and deliver improved performance and privacy.

Click here to learn more about Google Consent Mode v2:

If you have any questions or need assistance with the transition, please contact our support team ( support@ consentmanager .net ). We’re here to help ensure a smooth and successful transition to Google Consent Mode v2.

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