Newsletter 2020/11


Due to the high demand, this month we have focused on improving the reports. In addition to a more comfortable loading view, we have expanded the scope of reporting again and now also record visits, ignored consent layers, active jumps and more. This gives you an even more comprehensive picture of how your visitors interact with the consent layer.

Google Analytics & eTracker

We have also simplified installation and handling for users of the analysis tools from Google and eTracker. With the latest update, ConsentManager now supports the Google Consent Mode and the Consent Signal from eTracker. The tools can thus be used in such a way that a count is made but no cookies are set if no consent has been given.

Changes to the IAB TCF Policy

As announced in the last newsletter, the IAB has adjusted the guidelines for participation in the IAB TCF. Please note the following changes:

  • The theme settings now show a color contrast value when setting the color for the accept/reject/settings/save buttons. The IAB requires color contrast to be at least 5:1 (foreground vs. background). With the current update, this contrast value is mandatory. Themes using a lower contrast value lose the IAB compliance setting. Please review your designs .
  • With the current update, we have disabled the ability to change the first-level welcome text if IAB TCF is enabled in a CMP. Customers who want to change the text need additional approval from the consent manager. Existing texts are not affected.

More new features and changes

  • Improvements to AMP webpages
  • Possibility to make the logo clickable
  • New consent scope for subdomains
  • Auto block improvements
  • … and much more.