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Builderall GDPR Cookie Solution

Make your Builderall website GDPR compliant with consentmanager:

  • GDPR and ePrivacy Compliance
  • CMP for the Official IAB TCF v2
  • Compatible with all ad servers (including GAM/AdSense)
  • Fully customizable to match the design of your own website
  • Cookie crawler integrated
  • Display in more than 30 languages
Cookie Banner

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Consent Management

How does it work?

  • Our CMP solution is very easy to integrate: just log in to your account, set up your website(s), create the code and paste it into your website. Our platform will automatically start collecting consent from your visitors. In addition, advertisers and other partners can communicate directly with the CMP via the IAB-standardized API and ask if the ad has been approved.
  • New: Our new “Consent Optimizer” automatically determines which of the many design variations will work best for your visitors. It automatically displays the design that best encourages your visitors to agree, ensuring high approval rates!

Next level consent & cookie management

consent manager features

A/B Testing

Built-in A/B testing and automatic optimization help display the best design for your visitors.

Cookie Crawler

Our built-in cookie crawler will automatically scan your website and find all cookies.

Optimized for Desktop, Mobile, AMP, inApp Android & iPhone/iOS

As one of the few solutions, our CMP can be integrated into all devices and works with all screen sizes.

Secure in Europe

We store all data in secure databases and only on servers in Europe.

Ad blocking

Our CMP can automatically block or delay all ads on your website until the visitor has given their consent.

Compliance for US Privacy Laws

consentmanager supports the current changes (2023) in the data protection laws of the US states of California, Virginia, Colorado, Utah and Connecticut. The technical standard IAB GPP (Global Privacy Platform) ensures legally compliant integration of opt-in and opt-out settings on an international level.

Reports & Statistics

Get to know your visitors

  • CMP provides you with a variety of reports on different aspects of your visitors. This tells you exactly how many site views, and therefore usable ad impressions, are coming from consenting users and how many are coming from declining visitors.
  • Evaluate exactly which design works best or compare desktop visitors to mobile visitors. Our extensive filtering and grouping options allow you to answer almost any question in a report.

Of course consentmanager also works with…

frequently asked Questions

Not sure if you need a CMP?

To help you with things like GDPR, CMP and consent, we’ve rounded up the most common questions here.

If you run a website for commercial reasons, you must provide your visitors with comprehensive information about the personal data that you collect, store and process.
The legal requirements result from the GDPR, which was passed at European level. It is important that you let your user decide which personal data you are allowed to use and for which data you do not receive consent.
You create the necessary conditions with the legally compliant cookie notice or with the cookie consent banner. In order for the website to function properly, the user must at least give you permission to use the technically necessary cookies. Use a cookie crawler to ensure that your cookie banner plugin complies with the current legal regulations and is GDPR-compliant . As the website operator, it is up to you whether you use a ready-made design for your cookie consent plugin or decide on a personalized variant.

In order for your website to meet the legal requirements of the GDPR, your website must contain a legally compliant cookie banner plugin and a cookie notice. The cookie crawler supports you in searching for the cookies that you use on your website. During the scan, a differentiation is also made automatically according to the cookies that are technically necessary or only have a functional meaning.
The cookie crawler provides you with information on whether the cookie banner, the cookie notice and the cookie consent plugin are GDPR-compliant.

Yes : As a website operator, if you already have your own company logo, you can easily integrate it on your website with the Consent Manager. This does not affect the legal provisions for your cookie banner or cookie notice.

Visitors to your website are interested in their personal data remaining protected. Would you like to obtain consent, e.g. B. to use a phone number for advertising purposes, inform the visitor with your cookie banner that you follow the guidelines of the GDPR and that the personal data remains protected. If a user feels safe, he stays longer on your website. You benefit from lower bounce rates.

The Cookie Consent Plugin provides you with professional and data protection-compliant solutions for obtaining the consent of a user . As a website operator, you benefit from personalized solutions for cookie banners and cookie notices. This allows you to draw additional attention to your company.

You use cookies on your website, some of which are technically necessary and some of which are used functionally. You use the functional cookies to collect the personal data of your visitors. You save e.g. B. a customer’s e-mail address in your system in order to use it to send a newsletter. Since the e-mail address is part of the personal data, you must obtain the consent of the owner of this e-mail address for data protection reasons. Once the user has given permission, you can enable cookies and use your customer’s personal information. You are supported by the cookie banner plugin .

Please note that we cannot provide legal advice. Some points of this FAQ may also change over time or be interpreted differently by courts. That’s why you should always consult your lawyer!