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Mobile App Consent

SDK for apps in iOS, Android, Unity, React Native & Flutter

Apps also process data and need consent to do so. Therefore, ensure compliance with consentmanager and promote the growth of your app. Integrate our Mobile SDK and leverage features like machine learning and A/B testing to increase adoption and app experience. Get started now and become compliant!

  • Data protection declaration & “cookie banner” for mobile apps
  • Available for Android, iOS, Unity, React Native, Flutter
  • Native SDK + Bridge in WebViews
  • IAB TCF v2.2, IAB GPP, Google Consent Mode v2, AdChoices
  • Fully customizable design included. A/B testing
Mobile App consentmanager

Mobile SDK for Mobile App Consent

Tracking technologies in your mobile app that are used for advertising, analytics or marketing purposes must comply with certain data protection laws. This also includes third-party trackers that track user activity and collect personal data.

Ensure compliance with data protection standards with the consentmanager Mobile SDK.

Full compliance with mobile app privacy laws

Both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store require that apps meet privacy requirements. iOS 14.5 and App Tracking Transparency (ATT) specifically mention that apps must obtain user consent via an opt-in banner before collecting, processing, or sharing user data. At the regulatory level, data protection laws such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) , the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the ePrivacy Directive also place requirements on app developers or companies for their apps.

The consentmanager consent banner meets all of these criteria and more by providing users of Android, iOS or other app systems with a clear and accessible opt-in banner.

Eine Frau mit einem Umhang, die ein Banner hält

Seamless integration with most popular mobile operating systems

Our Mobile SDK offers seamless integration with all major mobile operating systems such as Android , iOS (including ATT), Unity , React Native and Flutter .

consentmanager software supports all devices and technologies, including web, mobile, AMP, apps and TV . Our solution is designed to simplify the complexities of integrating various technologies.

Better user experience for the end user

Meet the needs of marketplaces like the Apple App Store and ATT as well as the Google Play Store with our Mobile SDK. Protect against unexpected interruptions and provide a seamless user experience.

With integrated A/B testing and machine learning features, our CMP further optimizes your customers’ user experience. These features show the user the most effective consent banner design based on the user’s location, their preferences, and the legal regulations of their region.

Why consentmanager ?

  • From developers for developers

    Our consentmanager CMP is the result of the dedicated work of our development team. With our data-driven tool that seamlessly integrates with over 2,000 other solutions such as Google Analytics and Facebook, we meet the exact challenges of app developers.

  • Leading in Compliance: Over a decade of experience in the adtech industry

    consentmanager meets a number of industry standards such as the IAB TCF, Google Consent Mode v2, as well as regulations in Europe, Asia, the US states of California, Colorado, Virginia and more.

  • Innovative features for consent management

    In addition to individually customizable consent banners, we offer comprehensive reporting features on more than 30 metrics for continuous evaluation and optimization of performance. Our crawler identifies all trackers and providers in our internal database. Regular scans, including of login and checkout pages, increase the completeness of compliance.

The features of consentmanager for mobile app consent

Mobile operating system compatibility: Seamless integration with all major mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS (incl. ATT), Unity, React Native and Flutter.

Secure storage on European data servers: We use secure data servers located in Europe to ensure data security.

Global Compliance and Multilingual Support: We are compliant in multiple countries and offer comprehensive language support in over 30 languages.

Fully customizable consent banner: Customize the consent banner to match your brand’s design to ensure a consistent user experience.

Advanced reporting features: Create detailed data reports with a choice of 30 reporting metrics for comprehensive analysis.

Start now with the mobile app Consent Solution from consentmanager .


consentmanager mobile app

This is how the integration of our Mobile SDK works

  1. Start with a simple SDK integration: Start by seamlessly integrating our SDK into your app. A few simple adjustments to the SDK settings and you’re ready to go!
  2. Access your features: Once integrated, our SDK provides you as an app developer with convenient features to easily retrieve consent data.
  3. Automatic synchronization at startup: When your app launches, our SDK quickly connects to the consentmanager servers and ensures everything is set up for smooth operation.
  4. Easy to set up the Consent Tool: When you start your app, simply create an instance of the classCMPConsentTool . The SDK will then automatically display the consent banner whenever it is needed.
  5. Intelligent data processing: Are you ready to process personal data? Simply check with the SDK whether you have the green light (consent) for the respective purpose and provider.

→ Visit our help page to get started integrating our Mobile SDK.

Google Certified Partner

Google Consent Mode v2 for mobile apps

The consentmanager mobile SDK also provides compliance for Google Consent Mode v2 , a Google requirement for app operators that implement consent banners and use Google Analytics or Google Ads. Manage your consent processes for your Android or iOS app with our consentmanager CMP and easily activate Google Consent Mode v2 with Firebase Analytics.

For more information on how to enable Google Consent Mode for your website, visit our dedicated page, here .

We’ll guide you through the entire process step by step.

frequently asked Questions

Not sure if you need a CMP?

To help you with things like GDPR, CMP and consent, we’ve rounded up the most common questions here.

A Mobile SDK, or Software Development Kit, is a collection of software tools for app developers that allows you to seamlessly integrate certain features – in this case consentmanager ‘s Cookie Mobile Consent Tools – into your app. By using the consentmanager Mobile SDK, you ensure that your app complies with data protection regulations.

Mobile apps use cookies in a similar way to websites. However, they work slightly differently. Most mobile apps use tracking technologies for analytics, personalization and advertising purposes. These may include mobile identifiers such as Apple’s IDFA (Advertiser Identifier) ​​or Google’s Android ID, which perform similar functions to cookies.

In addition to the GDPR, the ePrivacy Directive (also known as the Cookie Policy) regulates the use of cookies and similar tracking technologies in mobile apps. This requirement requires explicit consent from users before non-essential trackers can be activated on their devices. App developers must disclose what data is collected and for what purpose to ensure transparency and user control over their personal data.

Yes, the GDPR also applies to mobile apps. Any app that processes personal data of EU residents must comply with the GDPR, regardless of where the app developer or company is based. This means that mobile apps must ensure the lawful processing of personal data. You must obtain the user’s explicit consent to collect and use personal data (including cookies and similar technologies). They must also comply with all other principles of the GDPR, such as: B. the rights of the data subject, data minimization and ensuring data security.

Your app is available on Android devices? In this case, your users must be informed about the use of “cookies” (trackers). This is where the cookie banner comes into play. A cookie banner helps Android users to find out about the use of trackers in your app and offers users of Android devices the opportunity to manage the data processing applied in the app. This also includes the ability to accept or reject cookies or adjust your own settings. In order to comply with various data protection regulations such as the GDPR or the CCPA, users of Android, iOS or other application systems must be able to give their express consent to the processing of personal data.

A cookie banner provides users with a clear and accessible way to view and change cookie settings on Android devices. To do this, the banner provides information about the type of cookies used on the Android device, their purpose and how the cookie settings can be managed in the Android or iOS application.

A Mobile SDK, or Software Development Kit, is a collection of software tools for app developers that allows you to seamlessly integrate certain features – in this case consentmanager ‘s Cookie Mobile Consent Tools – into your app. By using the consentmanager Mobile SDK, you ensure that your app complies with data protection regulations.

Please note that we cannot provide legal advice. Some points of this FAQ may also change over time or be interpreted differently by courts. That’s why you should always consult your lawyer!