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Cookie Consent Manager for CTV, OTT apps and more.

Easy cookie consent integration with SDK directly into more than 17 Smart TV/CTV OS systems. Offer your users the opportunity to consent and adjust their settings. The consentmanager is a powerful tool that allows you to manage cookie consents and increase the trust of your users. Show that your company takes data protection seriously!

  • Supports all data protection standards including GPP, TCF, etc.
  • available on 18 TV brands (AndroidTV, WebOS, Tizen, FireTV OS, SmartCast and more)
  • quick and easy setup
  • Centrally manage banners on different platforms
  • QR function for more granular control options

Cookie solution for CTV & OTT

What does compliance look like in a Smart TV/CTV or OTT application?

  • Compliance in a Smart TV device, OTT app or a CTV means that users must consent to the processing of their personal data through a cookie notice or banner in order for their data to be processed. This cookie banner should provide the option to accept or reject the use of cookies and contain links to privacy policies and relevant information about the providers that process users’ data. Providing a cookie banner is critical to comply with data protection regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), GPP, IAB TCF v2.2 or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).
  • Lack of consent or insufficient information about data collection practices can lead to legal and financial penalties , brand damage , and loss of trust among users. Therefore, the use of a comprehensive cookie consent manager is essential to ensure compliance with data protection standards and protecting user privacy on smart TVs, OTT apps and CTV platforms . consentmanager customers can also be assured that the consentmanager software has been tested with all types of input devices . Some TVs have a “smart” remote that acts like a computer mouse, while others have a remote that only supports moving up and down. consentmanger ‘s system and the consentmanager SDK used for Connected TV Consent are intuitive enough to understand this.

consentmanager supports the following operating systems and TV brands

consentmanager customers can ensure that their cookie notices can be easily viewed on the following operating systems:
AndroidTV, Tizen, WebOs, Roku TV, Fire TV OS, Vidaa U, SmartCast, NetRange, Foxxum, Whale OS, Coolita OS, Vewd (formerly Opera TV), NetGem, TiVo OS, Comcast X1, My Home Screen, AOSP (Android Open Source Project) and SaphiOS.

TV brands that consentmanager ‘s OTT and CTV consent management platform (CMP) supports:
Sony, Sharp, Philips, Insignia, VUTV, Konka, TiVo, Hisense, Nokia, Toshiba, LG, Comcast Xfinity., TCL, Panasonic, Vizio, Samsung, Skyworth, Xiaomi.


What are Connected TV (CTV) and OTT apps?

Connected TV (CTV) and Over-The-Top (OTT) apps have revolutionized the television and entertainment experience. CTV refers to television devices that are connected to the Internet and allow access to online content via apps or streaming services directly on the television screen. Examples of popular Smart TV brands include Samsung, LG, Sony and Philips .

OTT apps are applications that are delivered over the Internet without the need for traditional TV infrastructure such as cable or satellite TV. With these apps, users can access content at any time and on various devices such as smartphones, tablets and even smart TVs . Well-known examples of OTT applications are Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ .

Both CTV and OTT apps typically require consent banners , as when using CTV and OTT apps, users must be informed and given the choice to consent or reject the processing of their personal data. Regulations in this context include the TTDSG in Germany , the ePrivacy Directive , the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the GDPR .

Consent So

What is an SDK?

If you are looking for a cookie consent tool for your TV or mobile app, you may come across the term “SDK”. An SDK (Software Development Kit) is a collection of tools that developers can use to easily integrate the cookie consent tool functionality into their Smart TV or app. By using an SDK, you can ensure that your product is compliant with data protection regulations.

As versatile as your customers

What makes our software so successful?

Customers who use consentmanager CMP can achieve significantly higher consent rates and lower bounce rates (visitors who leave the site) than with other tools. The reason: consentmanager uses machine learning algorithms to automatically categorize cookies and other tracking technologies and thus provide users with more accurate and relevant information about the cookies used.

In addition, consentmanager offers extensive reporting features with over 30 metrics and numerous filters that allow companies to monitor user consent rates, track data processing activities and generate compliance reports .


Optimize user experience with expanded QR functionality

Offer your users additional consent options by displaying a QR code on your cookie banner. Users can scan the code with their mobile device to navigate to their personal settings on their mobile phone and view up to 1,000 different providers and purposes on their mobile phone (and TV). As soon as the user has saved their settings, they are automatically recognized and saved by the television.

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All functions available for web, connected TV and OTT

Our comprehensive solution offers full functionality not only for websites, but also for Connected TV (CTV) and Over-The-Top (OTT) applications.

Extremely quick and easy setup

Register your account, easily configure your cookie banner and select the devices that match your target group.

Machine learning to maximize consent rates

Use our advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically create different banner designs. These are intelligently rotated between users with different locations or browsers to maximize consent rates.

Legally compliant with current regulations

Our software complies with EU data protection regulations, including the GDPR, as well as the US regulations with the CCPA and VCDPA, the LPGD in Brazil and the standards of the WCAG.

Support all CTV platforms and OTT apps

We offer comprehensive coverage for the entire Smart TV market, including WebOS (LG), Tizen (Samsung), Android TV / Google TV (Philips, Sharp, Sony, TCL and others), Fire TV (Amazon) and HbbTV.

Cross-device experience

Seamlessly connect consents across different platforms. Whether on apps, websites or TV devices – a user’s consent on one device is intelligently linked to other managed platforms.

Create custom reports

Our Cookie Consent Manager allows you to create a variety of reports to help you understand exactly how your users are giving and adjusting their consent. With live reporting tools covering 12 categories and 30+ metrics, you have control over the data you need to make your decisions.

Cookie Consent Manager for CTV, OTT apps and more. Try now!

We have already helped more than 25,000 websites to comply with GDPR, TTDSG & ePrivacy

Our clients include some of the biggest websites and best known brands in the world.

… and many more.

frequently asked Questions

Not sure if you need a CMP?

To help you with things like GDPR, CMP and consent, we’ve rounded up the most common questions here.

No, an SDK and a cookie have different purposes and should not be confused with each other. An SDK (Software Development Kit) is a collection of software tools that help developers create applications for specific platforms or operating systems. The SDK may contain documentation, code examples, and instructions.

A cookie is a file that is stored in a user’s browser when the user browses the Internet. They store information about the user’s login details, their preferences and the websites visited, to name a few examples.

OTT (Over-The-Top) replaces the traditional way of watching television and film content via the local television station and instead describes the transmission of TV content over the Internet. This is made possible by services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, so-called OTT platforms. These OTT platforms are accessible via mobile phones, tablets, computers and all internet-enabled smart TVs.

CTV, short for Connected TV, refers to a television that is connected to the Internet and used to stream digital content, such as: B. a smart TV. Some standard televisions can also stream online content using external hardware such as Chromecast or Apple TV.

Yes, our optimized cookie consent tool can be used across multiple platforms , including iOS, Android and Smart TVs . All features will be available in exactly the same way.

No, our cookie consent tool is designed to have minimal impact on the performance and usability of your app. It is efficient and optimized for seamless integration. consentmanager offers customizable banners that allow you to design an unintrusive user interface. Additionally, our tool offers features such as asynchronous loading and caching to minimize possible performance impacts. Try our tool now for free or visit our help page for step-by-step instructions on how to get started with consentmanager .

Please note that we cannot provide legal advice. Some points of this FAQ may also change over time or be interpreted differently by courts. That’s why you should always consult your lawyer!