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Magento cookie banners

Legally compliant cookie consent solutions for your e-cimmerce offering

Magento website and consent manager – the right combination

Magento is one of the largest content management systems (CMS) for online shops. E-commerce operators value it for its simplicity, power and flexibility. However, these have had to master a particular challenge for several years: visitors have to give their consent to the use of cookies in a legally secure manner. Our Magento Cookie Consent Plugin is the best solution for this.

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Magento, GDPR & cookies – you should know these points

  • In May 2018 the GDPR came into force. It regulates the handling of data. Put simply, it regulates three things that are essential for e-commerce operators and therefore require a Magento cookie consent solution:

    • Users must be transparently informed about which data is collected.
    • You must also agree to the collection and processing.
    • They also have a right “to be forgotten”. You can therefore request the deletion of your data.

    Especially against the background of how cookies work, these regulations mean special challenges . The small utilities monitor and log user behavior. On the one hand, this is necessary to guarantee the best possible user experience (“functional cookies”). On the other hand, data can also be collected in this way in order to be able to advertise offers in a targeted manner (“marketing cookies”).

    Especially in Magento shops, the border is quite fluid . For example, are recommendations based on previous purchases just marketing, or are they also an improvement in user experience? Users should be able to select in detail which providers and cookies should be accepted. It therefore makes sense to rely on a professional solution as a Magento cookie consent system. After all, it legally protects your shop. As your consent management provider (CMP), we also ensure that our cookie banners for Magento shops are always compliant with the law.

  • Themes and customizations in the cookie banner for Magento pages

    You can customize the design of the cookie banner for a Magento shop. For example, it is possible to place your own company logo . You can also create your own designs. Alternatively, there are also ready-made designs that you can use to get started right away. If desired, our Magento cookie consent solution works directly.

    If you don’t like the font size, color, style, buttons, spacing, frame or background, these can also be customized. You can also choose the position of the box showing your Magento cookie banner. It is also possible to hide the shop as long as the consent solution is in the foreground.

    You also have a choice when it comes to the buttons. You can integrate an “accept” and a “reject” button. However, the latter can also be omitted. It is also possible to optionally display a “Close” button.

  • Texts in the Magento cookie banner: many possibilities

    The texts in the Magento cookie consent solution are available in over 30 languages. Internationally oriented shops can also use the cookie banner for Magento shops. Optionally, you are also free to adapt texts.

  • Easy integration

    Our Magento Cookie Consent solution is designed to be integrated as easily as possible into any form of web presence that works with the CMS. This applies to desktop view, mobile versions (with responsive design) and AMP websites. Alternatively, integration can be done via TagManager. If you would like to use native apps for Android and iOS, you will receive the appropriate software development kit (SDK) from us.


Magento as a content management system

Magento was first released in 2008. The shop system quickly found many enthusiastic users. A prominent company therefore took notice: Between 2011 and 2015, Magento was a 100 percent subsidiary of eBay . Both sides benefit from it. The visible sign was the “Version 2” Magentos, which appeared in 2015. To date, the e-commerce CMS written in PHP is officially just an updated variant of this one.

Magento has been part of Adobe since 2018. Subsequently, new features such as improved documentation were introduced. The CMS is available to interested parties in three versions:

  • Open Source (formerly: Community; free)
  • Commerce (formerly: Enterprise)
  • Commerce Cloud (formerly: Enterprise Cloud

Your benefits at a glance

    Magento, e-commerce and data protection – what applies?

  • Against the background of data protection legislation, Magento is a so-called “data processor”. This role falls to you as the shop operator. This means that you must ensure that you handle your visitors’ information in accordance with the law. For the Magento cookie banner this means: The opt-in procedure is decisive for you. Your users must give their consent in order for the programs to run.

  • The cookie banner for Magento pages creates clear reports

    Reporting is also one of the key features offered by our Magento Cookie Consent solution. For example, you can filter or group by date, browser, domain, theme, and operating system. The system also informs about page views, traffic with consent and the bounce rate. You will also receive a report showing which screens were displayed and how the visitors made their decisions. Also on board is an export function. You can therefore easily make the reports available to employees in order to use them as a basis for optimization processes.

  • The consent manager against the background of GDPR and CCPA

    Our Magento cookie consent solution is always GDPR compliant and also CCPA compliant . We automatically ensure that the indispensable legal certainty is guaranteed at all times .

    Conclusion: You are on the safe side with our Magento Cookie Consent solution

    A cookie banner for Magento shops is indispensable in times of the GDPR. With our powerful and easy-to-integrate consent manager, you are on the safe side. It works in compliance with the law and fits in seamlessly thanks to its high level of compatibility. But just convince yourself and test our Magento Cookie Consent solution now for free.

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frequently asked Questions

Not sure if you need a CMP?

To help you with things like GDPR, CMP and consent, we’ve rounded up the most common questions here.

The terms can be used synonymously. But they don’t necessarily mean the same thing. A cookie notice can also be just a banner with text in your shop. A cookie consent management system offers individual customization options and has a reporting system.

No, we have continuously optimized our Magento cookie consent solution and are still doing so. The training period is therefore short. Operation is usually intuitive.

CCPA applies to all users in California. A company that processes data from Californians must therefore comply correctly with CCPA. The limit for this is relatively low: just 50,000 data records per year are enough. Since a website already processes many data sets in a single visit, the CCPA very often applies to a large number of websites.

Magento is the data processor. In fact, this role falls to you. However, the developers are not completely free of responsibility. You must provide the technological basis so that you can work in compliance with the law. Magento must also keep its own system GDPR-compliant. For example, you must be informed about which cookies are running when you use the shop system.

Please note that we cannot provide legal advice. Some points of this FAQ may also change over time or be interpreted differently by courts. That’s why you should always consult your lawyer!