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Borlabs Cookie Banner Alternative


The requirements of the GDPR and the ECJ judgment (European Court of Justice) on cookies provide precise requirements on how legally secure cookie content should look like. Cookie solutions such as Borlabs Cookie offer users the option of legally compliant integration. The Consentmanager offers a powerful Borlabs cookie alternative . The cookie crawler checks your website daily and notifies you of new cookies. Consent management solutions such as Borlabs Cookie ensure that users are explicitly asked for their consent to the use and processing of technically non-essential cookies. This ensures compliance with the required double opt-in. Furthermore, the Borlabs Cookie Alternative has other advantages: It can be easily integrated, is versatile, multilingual and both GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Consent-layer für rechtssichere Websites

Cookies at a glance: how they work and types

  • Cookies are small files that are created and cached each time a website is accessed. The cookies fulfill several functions. A distinction must be made between technically essential cookies and technically not absolutely necessary cookies . The former are absolutely necessary for the operation of the website. Most cookies are used for the security and functionality of a website. For example, cookies are responsible for ensuring that a user remains logged in during an online banking session. Such and other sessions with login data are initially stored in one or more cookies. They are then immediately deleted again. The temporary storage takes place on the user’s computer.

    Cookies are also very relevant when operating online shops. Thanks to these small files, products that users put in the shopping cart can be saved, for example. On a repeated visit, customers can still find the products in the shopping cart.

  • This increases the probability of a conversion or a purchase enormously. However, because of the data stored in them, cookies have been in the sights of data protection officials for many years. Many cookies that are not technically essential are used for tracking or tracing user behavior.

    These are used in particular for marketing and evaluation purposes . This is linked to the data protection problem that a large amount of personal data is involved. The handling of this data must meet certain legal requirements, which are very clear at the latest in the course of the GDPR and the ECJ judgment from 2019. With the Borlabs Cookie Alternative from Consentmanager you can rely on legally compliant cookie management. The Borlabs Cookie Alternative ensures that website visitors are informed in good time about the collection of cookies. Consentmanager’s Borlabs Cookie Alternative cookie banner allows users to double consent (double opt-in) to the use of cookies.

Cookie consent and its legal status

  • In principle, the use and processing of cookies requires the express and voluntary consent of the visitor. The only exceptions to this are the technically essential cookies, without which it would not be possible to operate the site. The requirement for explicit consent results from the 2019 ECJ ruling on cookies at the latest. The practical implementation of such an express consent takes place via a double opt-in option. This means that your users are given the opportunity to consent to the use and processing of cookies when they visit the website or the online shop. A Borlabs Cookie Alternative cookie banner gives you the option of agreeing to or rejecting the use of cookies. The banner offers several options for deciding on the type and scope of the cookies. This type of consent to the use of cookies is also known as cookie consent. Some sites, platforms and marketplaces already offer various tools for cookie consent management ex works. In principle, however, you as the website operator are obliged to ensure the necessary GDPR-compliant consent management . You can find a comfortable Borlabs cookie alternative with the consent manager.

  • This special alternative to Borlabs Cookie comes from Consentmanager as a specialized CMP (Consent Management Provider) and contributes to the fact that your visitors are asked for their consent to the type and scope of cookie processing every time they visit your website. It is important that the first technically non-essential cookie may only be set if explicit consent has been given via Borlabs cookie or an alternative. Therefore, as the website operator, you should ensure that the collection and processing of tracking cookies only begins after you have given your consent. The only exceptions to this are the technically required cookies, which may continue to be collected by the alternative to Borlabs Cookie without explicit cookie consent.

Cookie consent standards and how they work

  • There is a framework from the IAB Europe (interactive advertising bureau industry association) for approval of the type and scope of the processing of cookies. This framework is known as the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) and is established as a comprehensive standard for the work of consent management systems.

    This framework is also the basis of the Borlabs Cookie Alternative of the Consent Manager. The framework was first developed in 2018 by the industry association Interactive Advertising Bureau. The development goal was the greatest possible standardization in obtaining cookie consent from users. The TCF 2.0 version has been available since May 2020. The framework aims to provide precise information about the type and scope of visitor consent to the use of cookies based on the entire delivery chain. This is important in practice, since a large number of advertisers and other service providers are generally involved in displaying online advertising banners.

  • In a first step, a cookie consent manager based on the IAB framework determines whether users have given any form of consent to the collection and processing of cookies. The Borlabs Cookie Alternative then determines which processing purposes the users have specifically and individually agreed to. Based on this information, the Borlabs Cookie Alternative from Consentmanager generates a so-called consent string. The task of the consent string is to enable others to read the user’s degree of consent. The consent string is also created in a cookie. The alternative to Borlabs Cookie also offers other consent management providers an opportunity to gain insight into a user’s consent.

    Almost every (not purely private) website and almost every online shop collects data in the form of cookies, which, according to the GDPR and the ECJ ruling, require the express consent of the user. The requirement arises from the use of any analysis tool. A popular tool that works with such tracking cookies is Google Analytics. Even if you use widgets on social media, this is already such a form of data collection. Therefore, almost every website operator who addresses customers in the European Union via their own website relies on a solution such as Borlabs Cookie or an alternative.

Cookie consent management for website operators: requirements and needs

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The Borlabs Cookie Alternative from Consentmanager and its advantages for website operators

    If the Consentmanager cookie consent banner is correctly integrated, it not only ensures GDPR compliance. It is associated with numerous other advantages, both for you as the operator of the website and for your customers. An important benefit is the contribution of the cookie banner to a positive user experience . The option of being able to decide for yourself on the type and scope of cookie use is an important contribution for users to trust in your seriousness.

    User Experience Benefits

    The user experience is also known as the user experience and is one of the key success criteria of any website. In this context, the user experience decides decisively on the important criteria of acceptance rate and bounce rate. The goal for you as the operator is that users enjoy staying on your site and, ideally, become customers. Ideally, there will be a conversion, for example in the form of a transaction or a subscription. A high length of stay plays an important role in achieving these goals.

    Optimizing acceptance and bounce rates

    Consentmanager contributes to an optimization of the parameters acceptance rate and bounce rate. With a comfortable consent notice, the probability of a low bounce rate and a higher acceptance rate increases. In this way, the cookie consent banner can contribute to the performance of the website. The overarching goals of customer acquisition and customer loyalty are directly linked to a long stay, a high acceptance rate and a low bounce rate.
    With the cookie consent banner from Consentmanager, you always have a comprehensive overview of the current acceptance and bounce rates on your website. Thanks to a real-time evaluation of these parameters, you can also monitor the evolution of these criteria. You will receive clues and conclusions for future optimizations on the website.

    Customizable texts

    The texts in the consent manager’s consent banner can be adjusted at any time. Our Borlabs Cookie Alternative always works with legally compliant texts . These are already available and can be played out in more than 30 languages. Irrespective of this, you have the option of adapting the content of the texts to your own individual preferences or requirements.

    Intuitive operation of the Borlabs Cookie Alternative from Consentmanager

    The intuitive operation of the Borlabs Cookie Alternative is an advantage that is noticeable as soon as it is used or implemented for the first time. Your customers will also benefit from having an overview of the options for agreeing to or refusing cookies. With the accept button and the close button you obtain consent to the use of cookies. It is also possible to display a countdown. You can also specify whether or not users can continue to navigate or scroll on your website or app regardless of the cookie banner that is displayed.

    Integration of the Borlabs Cookie Alternative

    When developing the Borlabs Cookie Alternative, particular attention was paid to easy integration into the existing website. The consent manager’s cookie banner can be integrated into both stationary websites and mobile displays (with responsive design) as well as AMP websites. When it comes to apps based on Android or iOS, Consentmanager offers a suitable development kit (SDK) right out of the box. The subsequent integration of the Consent Management Provider takes place via the Tag Manager.

    Compatibility of the Borlabs alternative with other systems

    The Consent Manager is compatible with a variety of other systems . Interoperability with most common other solutions is also given.
    This makes it easy to work with third-party systems from other providers. Many websites and online shops are modular systems that work with numerous plug-ins and extensions from other providers. Therefore, compatibility of the consent management solution with all these products is an advantage. Likewise, other systems are often connected to websites via interfaces with which the website interacts. The consent manager with the Borlabs Cookie Alternative can easily interoperate with different systems and solutions. Compatibility with common shop systems, tag managers and all Google products is given. These include AdSense, DFP, Tag Manager and Analytics.
    Consentmanager’s Borlabs alternative is still compatible with the Google ATP list. This includes authorized third parties. Consentmanager’s Borlabs alternative also supports other tag managers such as Tealium. Furthermore, the consent manager offers compatibility with common data management platforms (DMP) and ad servers. Cookie consent can be transmitted to SSP, TradingDesks, DSP and AdExchanges in various ways.

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    Benefits for visitors and customers

    Not only for you as the operator of the website, but also from the perspective of the customer, there are numerous advantages of our Borlabs Cookie Alternative. With the Borlabs Alternative, the Consent Manager helps ensure that your customers’ data protection requirements are taken seriously. Your visitors have the option of gaining insight into the type and scope of the cookies to be collected at any time. You are also given the option of agreeing to or refusing the collection and processing of cookies. Linked to the positive user experience is therefore a higher chance of acquiring new customers . The likelihood of customer loyalty also increases. The likelihood that simple visitors will become customers, i.e. that conversions will increase, increases. The user experience is equally associated with great advantages for search engine optimization. You and your customers benefit equally from this. You will be found faster and users will find what they are looking for faster. The better the user experience, the higher the ranking in the search result lists (SERPs) of popular search engines like Google tends to be. The search for corresponding keywords leads to your site faster, ensures additional traffic and ultimately customer acquisition.

    Responsiveness of the Borlabs Cookie Alternative: Adaptation to different systems

    Responsiveness means the automatic adjustment of the presentation and the content to the retrieving end devices. As your visitors and potential customers access your website via different devices and operating systems , responsive adaptation to the needs of these devices is increasingly important. Both the presentation and the content must meet the requirements of the devices. Only then is a smooth and optimal playout of the lateral supports possible. A cookie banner should also meet the requirements of responsiveness. Only then can he request your visitors’ express and voluntary consent. The Borlabs Cookie Alternative from Consentmanager helps to ensure that every content can be displayed as clearly as it is GDPR-compliant. This makes Consent Manager suitable for every conceivable target group and different user types. Different target groups typically access a website via different end devices and operating systems. Regardless of whether the access device is a tablet, a smartphone or the classic desktop variant: the responsive adaptation of the Borlabs Cookie Alternative helps you to obtain the cookie consent at any time in a legally secure manner.

    International orientation of the Borlabs Cookie Alternative thanks to multilingualism

    Consentmanager’s Borlabs alternative automatically displays the cookie notice in multiple languages. This means that even an internationally oriented website is no problem for the consent manager. Multilingual tools are becoming increasingly important in times of globalization and international competition. Data protection notices are important in all conceivable access countries. Therefore, linguistic adaptation to the respective target country is almost indispensable. The consent manager offers you a cookie banner that automatically adapts to 30 different languages of the access countries. This means that the Borlabs alternative from Consentmanager is not only suitable for the entire GDPR area, but is also linguistically suitable for numerous other countries. The Consent Manager is also CCPA compliant.

    Further advantages of the Borlabs alternative at a glance

    The other strengths and advantages of the Consent Manager Borlabs Alternative include the diverse design alternatives. Thanks to comprehensive design and customization options, you remain flexible. You can adapt the cookie consent banner to your individual design preferences at any time. This makes it possible, for example, to adapt it to your own corporate design. An integration of your company logo is also possible without any problems.

    You also have several options for freely positioning the cookie content banner on the website. The buttons and scroll bars can also be designed according to individual requirements.

    The integrated cookie crawlers of our consent management solution are another advantage. Thanks to these crawlers, a constant GDPR conformity check is carried out automatically and in the background on your website.

    The updates of the Borlabs cookie alternative of the consent manager are also automated. This not only ensures legal certainty, but also ensures that it is up-to-date. This is a security advantage, since the solution is thus protected against the most important possible external access.
    Another functionality of the Borlabs Cookie Alternative is the integrated A/B testing procedure . These give you the opportunity to analyze the respective reactions of potential customers and visitors in real time. Conclusions can be drawn from these reactions and optimal insights into the best possible settings for the Borlabs alternative can be derived.

frequently asked Questions

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Our cookie notice allows you to make individual choices. The cookie consent script is written in such a way that it is intuitive and easy for visitors to understand.

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