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Gambio GDPR Cookie Solution

With consentmanager you can make your Gambio shop GDPR compliant:

  • Official Gambio Plugin
  • Easy to integrate
  • GDPR and ePrivacy compliant
  • Official IAB TCF v2 CMP
  • Compatible with all ad servers (incl. GAM/AdSense)
  • Fully customizable to match your own design
  • Integrated cookie crawler
  • Display in more than 30 languages

Gambio Cookie Consent Tool:

Data protection with the consentmanager

  • Gambio is a platform for e-commerce applications that is particularly popular in Germany. Since Gambio started as a small start-up, the number of users has grown to a whopping 25,000 merchants. If you operate a Gambio shop, it is important to align your website with the data protection requirements of the GDPR.
  • With our Gambio Cookie Consent Tool you ensure a legally secure process of consent to cookie processing . With a clear Gambio cookie notice, you give your visitors the opportunity to decide on the type and scope of cookie use and processing. The consentmanager helps you create a Gambio cookie banner in just a few steps.


The E-Commerce Platform at a Glance

  • Gambio is a complete E-Commerce Solution. Gambio has almost all the features and options needed to run a successful online store. The functions come from a single source and do not require users to have in-depth programming knowledge. The service is primarily aimed at smaller online shops and e-commerce start-ups. For these users, Gambio is particularly interesting because of its manageable costs.

    Gambio is a complete e-commerce solution. Gambio has almost all the features and options needed to run a successful online store. The functions come from a single source and do not require users to have in-depth programming knowledge. The service is primarily aimed at smaller online shops and e-commerce start-ups. For these users, Gambio is particularly interesting because of its manageable costs.

    Gambio is available in several versions. The basic version without complex or special features offers the most important tools for the target group of young online shops.
    Gambio becomes interesting for larger companies if the shop system is adapted accordingly via the numerous extensions and plugins. Gambio can be adapted to different challenges. In this case, development and maintenance can become more confusing, which is why many larger users rely on expert advice.

  • Gambio can be tested for free at any time on the manufacturer’s website. There are free trial shops for this purpose. A private demo store is also available for personal testing for 14 days. This allows users to familiarize themselves with the store solution before making a purchase. A free trial under your own real-world conditions is also available. For this purpose, users can install the free open source version. This can be used to its full extent. It should be noted that there is no official support in this case.

    Gambio distinguishes between cloud plans and self-hosted plans. There is no separate installation or setup with the cloud plan. In this case, users can get started immediately with their first store. For self-hosted listings, the effort is comparable to other shop systems. Gambio offers a comprehensive installation guide to ensure a smooth start with the shop system, even for beginners.

    For international shops, Gambio offers some features for global trade. This includes a multi-language front end and a multi-currency checkout. Tax rates can also be adjusted to meet international requirements.

    Another strength is legal certainty through alignment with the data protection principles of the GDPR area. With a few simple steps, the shop can be adapted to comply with both the GDPR and specific German laws. With our Gambio Cookie Consent Tool, nothing stands in the way of legally compliant shop operations.

We have already helped more than 25,000 websites comply with GDPR, TDDDG & ePrivacy

Our clients include some of the biggest websites and best known brands in the world.

… and many more.

Gambio Cookie Consent Tool

Eligibility and Legal Status

  • Every online shop relies on the processing of cookies. Some of these are technically required for the shop to operate. Others are not technically essential, but are of great commercial importance. Examples of the latter include tracking cookies and analytics data that provide valuable information about user behavior. This type of cookie requires explicit consent in a Gambio cookie notice.

    The need for express opt-in consent to the use and processing of cookies was the result of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling on cookies on July 2019. This consent can be obtained through our Gambio Cookie Consent Tool. As a shop owner, it is your duty to provide legally secure opt-in and opt-out options: you may only set technically non-essential cookies if users have explicitly consented to them. In the GDPR context, our Gambio cookie notice serves to improve data protection.

  • The Gambio Cookie Opt-In Tool generates a Gambio Cookie Notice. It is immediately displayed on your website via the Gambio cookie banner as soon as a visitor visits the site. This is done before the first cookie can be created. The website will only be visible to a limited extent before the Gambio cookie banner is played. Our Gambio Cookie Banner gives your visitors a clear and unambiguous indication of the use of cookies. Furthermore, it gives your customers the option of agreeing to or rejecting cookie processing at any time.
    With consentmanager you ensure that visitors are always asked for consent via a Gambio cookie notice every time they visit the site. Once this consent has been given, only the first non-technical cookies may be set. The creation of this type of cookie is only legal if you have given your consent through double opt-in. This affects a number of cookies that are critical to the success of your shop, including tracking and analytics cookies.


4 Top Reasons Why You Should Become GDPR Compliant


Responsive customization goes without saying these days. Customers access websites using different end devices with different display sizes and operating systems . The Consentmanager Cookie Banner always adapts responsively to the respective parameters. In this way, an optimal presentation of the content GDPR-compliant is possible. Regardless of whether access is via smartphone, tablet or desktop, the cookie banner can always contribute responsively to compliance with the GDPR.

Multilingual Capability

As more and more websites are internationally oriented , a multilingual consent solution is important. International customers also want to understand what cookies they are consenting to. The consentmanager cookie banner is therefore available in over 30 languages. This means that your website is linguistically equipped for GDPR, and well beyond.


A website builder relies on plugins and extensions. Other systems are often added via interfaces. This calls for extensive compatibility and interoperability. consentmanager, including various cookie banners, is compatible with a large number of common tag managers, shop systems and almost all Google products and ad servers.

Data protection for your customers

Protect your customers and build trust. By complying with all applicable data protection regulations such as the CCPA and GDPR, your visitors will feel comfortable and safe. This increases their time spent on your site and your conversion rate!

Recommended by lawyers and data protection officers

Other advantages of the Gambio Cookie Consent Tool

The consentmanager offers you a customizable Gambio cookie notice. You can shape and design this in many different ways. Customization to your corporate design is no problem.

Furthermore, the consentmanager with the Gambio cookie notice offers the advantage of ad blocking . This allows all ads to be blocked as soon as they are used on the site. Unwanted ads remain in the background until your customers give their explicit permission.

The consentmanager with the Gambio Cookie Consent Tool is supplemented by extensive A/B testing procedures . Thanks to this, it is possible to test different variants and implementation methods of the Gambio Cookie Notice for their effectiveness in practice. This allows you to observe customer reactions to different design options and use those reactions to improve execution. Based on the test results, you can choose the design that elicited the most positive responses from customers.

frequently asked Questions

Not sure if you need a CMP?

To help you with things like GDPR, CMP and consent, we’ve rounded up the most common questions here.

If a user rejects the processing of technically unnecessary cookies, no corresponding data can be transmitted. This applies in particular to the analysis and tracking data on user behavior that is important for shop operators.

Cookie consent is required by law wherever cookies are collected that go beyond the purpose of purely technical operation of the site. This includes all tracking and analysis cookies.

Our Gambio Cookie Consent Tool offers you the opportunity to legally request consent to the use of cookies using the Gambio Cookie Banner. The Gambio cookie notice appears when you visit the website, even before the content is played. The Gambio Cookie Banner informs users and gives them the opportunity to decide on the type and scope of cookie use.

The cookie consent refers to the consent of a website visitor to the use and processing of technically non-essential cookies. These fall under the 2019 ECJ cookie judgment. Since then at the latest, each of these cookies has required the express consent of the visitor via a double opt-in. The Gambio shop system is therefore specifically referred to as a Gambio cookie notice.

Please note that we cannot provide legal advice. Some points of this FAQ may also change over time or be interpreted differently by courts. That’s why you should always consult your lawyer!