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educational institutions

Schools and universities have an educational mandate towards learners. As a state institution, they have the task of providing suitable educational opportunities. The role model character of a school or university is very important. It is their responsibility to do the right thing and comply with all policies. The secure handling of the extensive, very sensitive data of pupils and teachers that is available to the educational institutions must be guaranteed by comprehensive data protection for schools and universities. The ideal cookie solution for this and other sectors is the consent manager.

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Consent manager for educational institutions

Informational self-determination is a fundamental right for both learners and teachers. Educational institutions face the challenge of processing data in accordance with legal requirements. Schools in particular must act as strong role models here, as they can sensitize young people at an early age to the safe, responsible and self-determined handling of personal data . Consentmanager can provide you with ideal support in your function as a role model, since this way you can ensure correct handling of personal data.

  • Data protection of learners and teachers: Schools and universities process a large amount of data and information. From personal circumstances and performance to health and stress resistance. The Consentmanager gives you the opportunity to ensure comprehensive data protection in schools and universities. Because educational institutions should set a good example and handle personal data in a trusting and secure manner.

  • More than 30 different languages: In school and especially in the university context, it is important to provide information in many different languages. Students from, for example, the Erasmus program or students who do not have German as their mother tongue and may only have come to Germany for their studies are not disadvantaged. Even guest lecturers from other countries do not always speak the local language. Everyone is included in this way and no one faces a language problem because of their language on your homepage. We therefore make our tool available in over 30 languages.

  • GDPR Compliant: Universities and schools should make ideal use of all available funds to successfully carry out their educational mission. Misuse or incorrect handling of personal data can result in high fines. This can be avoided with the consent manager and the funds can be used in the right place. Compliance with GDPR (EU) and CCPA (California) is assured using this tool. In addition, students should learn as early as possible that guidelines and rules are important for a good coexistence. Therefore, comply with all legal provisions and regulations when it comes to personal data. Be a good role model!

  • Quick answers: At educational institutions, the focus is on adolescents as well as older students. In order to use the time sensibly and to be able to pay enough attention to the teaching, the Consent Manager makes it possible to respond quickly to inquiries. For example, if the information about stored personal data takes too long, it is possible that the person who requested the information will consult a lawyer. Fines and legal disputes can result here. With our Cookie Consent Manager, you can respond to requests quickly, use the time saved for more important things and avoid costly consequences.

  • Customized Theme: Want the tool in your college or school colors? No problem. You can completely adapt the consent manager to your own design. Your homepage keeps its individual character.

  • Cookie crawler: Every visitor to your website can decide which cookies to reject and which to accept. If you use the cookie crawler of our consent manager, you can be sure that cookies will be blocked without consent. This is because explicit consent is required if personal data and non-essential cookies are to be stored or processed. An adjustment or change of these rights is possible at any time.

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The consent manager is compatible with more than 2500 tools. The integration into common website and shop systems or analysis tools is very easy. No change or modifications are necessary. You can integrate our consent manager into your website or shop solution with little effort. Thanks to the responsive design, the consent manager can also be used on mobile devices without any problems. Compatibility with over 2500 different tools, GDPR compliance and other features such as the customizable design and more than 30 different languages make the Consentmanager the perfect cookie solution for your website.

satisfaction and search engine optimization

  • If you want to increase the length of stay on your website, a high acceptance rate and a low bounce rate are important factors. With the help of our consent manager, you can achieve exactly that and also gain more insights into the behavior of your students, prospects, teachers and other school and faculty members. With this information you can adapt the homepage perfectly to the visitors of your website. If the website meets the wishes and needs of the visitors, this increases satisfaction. If you generate leads and conversions as a result, this is an important signal to search engines such as Google.

  • You will also get good reviews and make a good impression on people if your website works without any glitches and problems and is additionally adjusted to their needs and desires. Poor ratings can have serious consequences, as many see it as a threat to an educational institution’s role model function. Added to this is the high level of data protection, which creates trust and satisfaction among your small and large school and university members. If you receive positive reviews, this is also a signal to Google & Co. and you will increase your findability and move up in the ranking.

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Due to the mass of personal data that you process and store, a GDPR-compliant cookie banner on your website is essential. Our consent manager is the ideal solution for you due to its numerous features. Protect your teachers, students, pupils and all other website visitors from misuse of personal data and fulfill your role model function in every area – including data protection. With the functions of the consent manager you also protect yourself against possible fines due to data protection violations.

frequently asked Questions

Not sure if you need a CMP?

To help you with things like GDPR, CMP and consent, we’ve rounded up the most common questions here.

Schools and other educational institutions may not pass on personal data to third parties in writing, electronically or verbally. If disclosure is necessary, the person concerned must give their prior written consent .

Data from pupils, students or teachers must not simply be passed on to third parties . If personal data should or must be passed on to third parties, the consent of the person concerned must first be obtained. This consent must be in writing.

A Consent Management Platform (CMP) supports the website in acting GDPR-compliant . This complies with the requirements for the lawful processing and storage of personal data that result from the GDPR.

Digitization is an important topic in all industries and also in educational institutions. Appropriate data protection can protect us from misuse of our personal data. Every school or university has its own website, as many processes – such as applying for a subject – take place online. A wide range of personal data is collected here. With the Consent Manager you can ensure that the sensitive personal data of the school or faculty members and also the applicants are optimally protected.

Please note that we cannot provide legal advice. Some points of this FAQ may also change over time or be interpreted differently by courts. That’s why you should always consult your lawyer!