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Cookie Consent Manager for Retail / Ecommerce

The rise of mobile apps has increased the amount of data collected from consumers. This has raised concerns about retail privacy and security. In order to be able to offer better retail services, companies need to collect and evaluate customer data on their websites. So how can retailers get their customers to consent to tracking and cookies? With Consentmanager, you can do this efficiently and in compliance with the law at all times.

Consent Solution Retail & E-Commerce

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GDPR Retail: How do I obtain valid consent?

  • You need to make sure people understand what they’re agreeing to when they give you their personal information. According to the GDPR , consent must be free, specific, informed and unambiguous .

    • Consent is free if the site can also be used by the customer without analysis cookies (logically, technically necessary cookies cannot be deselected). Consentmanager automatically blocks all cookies without consent . This ensures that you are on the safe side.

    • Consent is specific if individual cookies can be allowed and consent does not have to be general. This also means that the specific selection must be able to be changed by the user at any time. With the cookie consent banners from Consentmanager, separate consents are easily possible and administrable. According to the GDPR, customers also have the right to information and deletion. This means that you must be able to locate or delete individual cookies upon request. Consider the time and labor resources required for this legislative requirement alone. Consentmanager simplifies and accelerates this process.

    • Consent is informed if you instruct the customer completely and transparently about the exact data and their use (processing/passing on to third parties). Consentmanager’s cookie notices are always legally compliant and available in over 30 languages.

    • Consent is unequivocal if it is an opt-in procedure and the customer actively expresses his will by ticking the options. Preselected checkbox options are not allowed. Consentmanager’s cookie banners follow the international standard TCF 2.0 (Transparency Consent Framework).

  • Many cookie banners are not designed to be legally compliant and carry a high risk of warnings. If you run an online shop in retail or are completely dependent on your website during the corona pandemic, you should ensure a high level of legal and data protection in e-commerce with Consentmanager.

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Where can we pick you up?

Marketing managers, CRM managers and retailers are often skeptical about data collection due to the many regulations of the GDPR. The data collection must be done properly, otherwise this can lead to a loss of privacy and thus to fines. Not collecting data is not an option because marketing campaigns must be tailored to target audiences.

The retail challenges with consent management

Getting to know and analyzing the target group is much better for retailers in e-commerce than in stationary trade due to the amount of data and data processing. There, customers come and go anonymously without leaving any traces.

Thanks to Google Analytics, cookies & Co., you have a more comprehensive insight into your online shop and can therefore set up your campaigns and strategies more efficiently. At the same time, customers are happy about the right products or offers. With personalized campaigns that match the preferences of the customers, you will achieve far better results and can also use your know-how for local trade.

The whole challenge of consent management lies in personalization . You adapt to your customers’ choices and ask them to choose how they want to interact with you. This puts them in control of their preferences. Customer-centric marketing is an important part of any business.

A business needs to understand how to use the right tools to achieve its goals. A business also needs to know what kind of information it needs to collect from its customers.

Create trust with consent management

The processing of personal data on the Internet is one of the most sensitive issues in terms of data protection in retail. Therefore, do not judge the regulations in data protection as a necessary evil, but use them as a competitive advantage: Show your customers that you protect personal data and fully support the needs of your target group. Build trust.

Of course, this starts with compliance with the GDPR regulations on cookie banners. But with Consentmanager you go further: You design the design according to your wishes and show your corporate identity settings at the first contact. Make the cookie banner part of your brand. This ensures a recognition value for your brand.

Furthermore, data processing is only permitted with express consent. Customers can revoke this consent at any time. A simple e-mail is sufficient for this. The rights to data processing remain after the consent has been revoked. The restriction of data processing can also be requested.

Thanks to the simple administration of cookie consent, you can process customer inquiries quickly and reliably. Even if the consent is revoked for the moment, you have taken the opportunity to make an excellent and professional impression. This is modern customer loyalty.

Put your customer in control

Data protection is more than just the protection of personal data. It’s about giving customers control over how their data is used. Make sure you collect user feedback and use it to improve your product . Your users should be happy with your product, and if they aren’t, make changes to fix the problem

Consent-Lösung für DSGVO, TTDSG, CCPA, PIPEDA

Usability and customer satisfaction thanks to Consentmanager

With Consentmanager you improve customer feedback and the user experience in several ways. We have many years of experience in the optimal design, placement, etc. of cookie banners. A/B tests with automated optimization and evaluation increase the approval rate and reduce the bounce rate.

Just as in brick-and-mortar retail you can only make sales when customers walk through the door and enter your store, your website must also be entered. With Consentmanager you increase the number of potential customers crossing the doorstep.

The increased acceptance of cookies and the longer stay gives you detailed insights into user behavior on your website. In this way, you can both improve your website and gather knowledge about the interests and preferences of your target group.

A better customer experience leads to a higher conversion rate, i.e. more sales, and, in combination with the length of stay and a low bounce rate, sends important signals to search engines such as Google or Bing. Good consent management thus becomes part of search engine optimization (SEO). The positive experience with your website is then noticeable in stationary trade, since your brand is associated with trust, usability, security and availability.

By the way: Consentmanager can be integrated quickly and easily

No change in your shop system is necessary to use Consentmanager: Our cookie tool is compatible with all common systems: from WordPress to Typo3, WooCommerce and Shopware to Drupal, Joomla and many more. Consentmanager also interacts easily with all important analysis tools such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and many others.

frequently asked Questions

Not sure if you need a CMP?

To help you with things like GDPR, CMP and consent, we’ve rounded up the most common questions here.

Consent management is a process that helps retailers understand what customers want from them and how they interact with them . This information is used to create better customer experiences, which ultimately leads to higher sales.

Cookie consent is about the consent of the user to the setting and processing of technically unnecessary cookies and personal data. Customers can, for example, prevent or specifically restrict tracking by third parties. A cookie notice lets users know exactly what is being collected, how it is being processed and their rights.

With Consentmanager is a Consent Management Provider (CMP) you have legal certainty with regard to Cookie Consent and GDPR. You will also increase customer satisfaction and approval rate. This gives you deeper insights into your target group, allows you to optimize your website and products or services, and achieve better conversion rates.

Please note that we cannot provide legal advice. Some points of this FAQ may also change over time or be interpreted differently by courts. That’s why you should always consult your lawyer!