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Privacy Policy Generator

Create with one click

For websites and apps, compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems.

  • For GDPR and FADP (Switzerland)
  • Available in 8 languages
  • Easy integration by pasting the code into your website
  • Self-updating “living” document
  • Integrated seamlessly with consentmana’s cookie banner
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Why is a privacy policy important?

With a privacy policy, your company can reassure users that their data is being collected lawfully. This is a written statement in the form of a policy or notice that provides information about how your website collects, processes and stores personal data from its users. In this way, users can exercise their rights regarding the protection of their personal data.

Data protection laws such as the EU GDPR, the Federal Data Protection Act ( FADP ) in Switzerland and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) require that websites provide a privacy policy for the processing of personal data.

How consentmanager ’s privacy policy generator can help

consentmanager ‘s privacy policy generator offers a tailored approach to creating your privacy policy, ensuring it is perfectly tailored to your company’s unique needs and compliant with various regulations. Our tool offers flexibility in choosing the legal framework that best suits your business, be it the GDPR, the FADP or other applicable laws.

With our privacy policy generator, you can easily integrate your privacy document into your website, strengthening your data protection measures. By simply copying and pasting code into your website, this integration ensures that your privacy policy remains dynamic and is automatically updated to comply with legal requirements and deadlines, and is managed by our servers in the EU. Additional features include the ability to select your policy’s text format from “simple” to “legal only.”

Activate with one click in your dashboard

For agency or corporate package users, the option to activate our privacy policy generator is included in your package. Simply go to your CMP in the new interface and select Menu> CMPs> Privacy policy to activate it.

For all other users, starting with our starter package, you can flexibly use the privacy policy generator as an add-on under the menu> Account> Add add-ons: