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Cookie Consent Manager for Public Utilities

Supply and transport companies such as the municipal utility have an important function in the municipal infrastructure: They ensure the basic supply of households and public life. The tasks are as diverse as the cities themselves: from electricity, water and heat to waste management and local public transport to the operation of swimming pools, road maintenance and fiber optic connections. With the variety and importance of tasks comes a large amount of data, users and responsibility. Professional and comprehensive data protection for public utilities is therefore essential. With Consentmanager you have the optimal cookie solution with guaranteed legal certainty.

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Cookie consent management for public utilities

Just as the public utility company secures the basic service, Consentmanager secures the data protection of the municipal utility company. Because they have a particularly extensive and sensitive network of a wide variety of data on private individuals and public institutions.

  • Critical infrastructure data is also processed. At Stadtwerke, the protection of personal data should therefore have the highest priority and be guaranteed at all times. At the same time, the public utilities have a role model function, ie applicable EU law such as the GDPR must be implemented cleanly and correctly. With Consentmanager, municipal utilities are always on the right side and enjoy legal certainty. With our Consent Management Provider (CMP) you have the solution for the following areas:

  • One tool for all sides: With the large number of tasks and different websites, different cookie banners are also necessary. With Consentmanager you have a tool that can be combined with any CMS and shop system and can be individually configured in terms of design. This means you can adapt the cookie notice to your specific tasks and websites and manage it centrally.

  • GDPR and CCPA compliance : Thanks to automated updates and ready-made texts, your cookie banners are always GDPR and CCPA compliant . The GDPR applies to users within the EU and users who access websites in the EU. The CCPA applies to California users. This means that with Consentmanager you are always on the safe side and avoid fines.

  • Over 30 languages: Your cookie banner is available in over 30 languages, making it suitable for international visitors. Not only do you ensure that the cookie notice is displayed and understood in the user’s native language, but you also demonstrate your communal responsibility to welcome everyone.

  • A sense of responsibility and reliability: With a legally compliant cookie banner, you are a role model for dealing with data protection responsibly. Customers rely on your professionalism and reliability with regard to your core business as a municipal utility. The cookie banner is the first contact with the customer. Show him here that you are his strong and reliable partner.

  • Gain more customers and data: With Consentmanager you can optimize your cookie banner in such a way that the bounce rate is reduced and the acceptance rate is increased. Our cookie solution gives you both more customers who stay on your website and more accepted data. The more data you have at your disposal, the more precisely you can optimize your services or your website.

  • Gain regular customers: The cookie banner is always a visitor’s first contact with your website. If your cookie notice is optimized with Consentmanager, you enable the customer the best possible usability and an excellent user experience. This has a positive effect on every search intention of the visitors: It doesn’t matter whether they just want to find out about the latest news or conclude tariffs – the users will be happy to come back to a good website. Especially if you offer end consumer services such as internet, electricity or similar, usability and data protection contribute to the loyalty of your brand.

  • Fast crisis management: According to the GDPR, you are obliged to quickly respond to all requests for information, changes and deletion of personal data. Thanks to Consentmanager, you can enforce your obligation quickly and easily instead of manually analyzing and processing the respective data. This saves you resources and has a positive effect on customers and your brand.

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Cookie Consent Solution for Utilities

  • Flexible and customized cookie banners

    With Consentmanager you adapt your cookie banner individually to your corporate identity. In this way, the cookie notice fits flexibly into your text and imagery to welcome the visitor. At the same time, Consentmanager is compatible with almost all CMS or shop systems – over 2,500. The cookie banner is therefore suitable for every website of your industry and service.

  • The texts themselves are designed to be legally secure. All cookie banners are designed according to IAB TCF 2.0 , i.e. the standard for consent to the processing of personal data. For example, the user’s consent must be given actively and fully informed via opt-in. The visitor must give the consent actively, no options may be preselected. An exception are the essential cookies, which must be set for technical reasons.

  • Search engine optimization with Consent Manager

    Our cookie solution optimizes the banners to reduce bounce rates and maximize approval rates. The longer length of stay of your customers is a positive signal to search engines . In addition, you can collect and process more personal data: This improves your website in terms of usability, services and much more.

  • If your website is tailored to customer requirements, the conversion rate increases, which in turn has a positive effect on search engines such as Google & Co. Customer ratings are just as important: A professional and responsible approach to data protection and customer inquiries results in good ratings in customer reviews. This strengthens the reputation of your brand and underscores your reliability as a municipal utility. Ratings and trust are other important SEO signals.

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Wherever you store and process personal data, you need a GDPR-compliant cookie banner. Violations of the GDPR are punished with high fines. With Consentmanager as a cookie tool you are always on the safe side. Try our cookie management solution now for free and optimize your website for customers and search engines at the same time. As a municipal utility, you have a role model function in terms of data protection and trust. Show your customers that they can always count on you. We are also happy to be there for you!

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frequently asked Questions

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To help you with things like GDPR, CMP and consent, we’ve rounded up the most common questions here.

Consentmanager is compatible with over 2,500 tools (CMS, shop systems, Google tools, etc.). So you can easily install and use our cookie tool. Test Consentmanager now for free!

A cookie tool obtains the consent of your visitors to the processing of personal data : the user determines which cookies may be set and for what purposes. With Consentmanager you can implement this process in a legally compliant manner and optimize the cookie banner in such a way that the approval rate increases and fewer customers drop out. In addition, all cookies for which no consent has been given are automatically blocked. You can also process customer requests for information, processing and deletion of their data quickly and easily thanks to the Consent Manager.

The tasks and services of municipal utilities are very diverse and extensive. As a municipal utility company, you process a corresponding amount of personal data. At the same time, you have a public role model and supply function. That means a high level of data protection is particularly important because it reflects your reliability and security. With Consentmanager you are GDPR compliant at all times and can process data protection requests professionally.

Please note that we cannot provide legal advice. Some points of this FAQ may also change over time or be interpreted differently by courts. That’s why you should always consult your lawyer!