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PrestaShop cookie banners

Integrate cookies correctly with Consentmanager

When you visit a PrestaShop online, you want to browse or shop directly. To do this, you must first actively agree to the cookies – this is prescribed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A PrestaShop cookie is a small text file that is stored in the user’s browser and makes it distinguishable from other visitors. Without functional cookies, a customer cannot shop in PrestaShop. Marketing cookies can also be used to display personalized advertising. In addition, cookies are used to evaluate and analyze the flow of visitors. Evaluations and reports make it easier for the operator to adapt his online offer to demand.

Consent-Lösung für DSGVO, TTDSG, CCPA, PIPEDA

PrestaShop cookie

  • Free choice for users

    The visitor must be able to decide: accept all cookies in the PrestaShop Cookie Banner, reject all cookies or selectively accept individual cookies? Since the GDPR came into force, active consent has been a prerequisite for using cookies in PrestaShop. The visitor can accept cookies in full or in part.

    The Consent Manager is a versatile, configurable PrestaShop module that offers customers legally compliant access to the PrestaShop. The Consent Manager gives visitors the option, if they wish, to specifically reject a specific PrestaShop cookie and the use of data by third parties. Alternatively, visitors can accept all cookies or reject all cookies – this is the procedure preferred by most users.

  • Increase adoption and reduce bounce rate

    The consent to a PrestaShop cookie must be given clearly and actively by the user. Only essential cookies, which are required for the functioning of the online shop, do not need to be shown by the shop operator in the PrestaShop cookie banner. The visitor of an online shop can also leave the PrestaShop without taking any action. Although this is undesirable from the point of view of the provider, it mostly affects interested parties with low buying motivation who are still at the beginning of their buyer’s journey. Existing customers of a PrestaShop are more willing to consent to the saving of a PrestaShop cookie. You can take advantage of this loyalty bonus. With the consent manager, consent management is available that creates trust through transparent information , reduces skepticism and improves the conversion rate .

  • Handling functional PrestaShop cookies

    As a provider, you can take the standard setting as a reliable basis, which you can of course adapt as you wish. Essentially necessary cookies are mostly session cookies and do not need to be listed. Preassigned check boxes are problematic from a GDPR point of view. In the standard display, the consent manager therefore does without the display of essential cookies and the pre-assignment of selection fields. With the “Settings” button in the PrestaShop cookie banner, it is possible for the user to object to a specific PrestaShop cookie if desired. This ensures consent management that meets the requirements of the GDPR for granular configuration.

  • The Consentmanager is future-proof and grows with the shop

    The change to a different shop software can also be carried out without any problems with the consent manager, since the consent management provider (CMP) works with all leading shop systems and all settings are retained during integration into the new system. The consent manager keeps up with the growth of the online shop and is also well prepared for Europe-wide trade thanks to the integration of more than 30 languages . Good news for online shops that have international markets in mind, because with this PrestaShop module, the operator also complies with the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation in other European countries.

The decision is made – quickly and easily

CCPA opt-out solution

p>How to improve performance in PrestaShop Cookie Management? The consent manager
achieves this with several methods:

  • simple and quick acceptance or rejection
  • detailed information about each individual PrestaShop cookie
  • clear buttons
  • intuitive operator guidance
  • selectively activate or deactivate individual cookies if desired

Many users today shop from mobile devices. But even on the smartphone, the user must receive clear information on how to handle cookies in the PrestaShop cookie banner and be able to make a free decision. The consent manager scores with a display and function adapted to displays of all sizes and resolutions. The PrestaShop module also facilitates administration via the PrestaShop Mobile App for iOS and Android. The agility and independence from the end device is a decisive advantage for many shop operators. The PrestaShop Cookie Banner generated by the Consent Manager can be adapted at short notice from any PC, laptop or smartphone, so that the operator can react quickly to internal and external specifications and ensure full functionality.

Cookie Banner

PrestaShop cookie banners

Rules and Exceptions

  • In order to be protected from warnings and to be able to handle critical inquiries from customers with confidence, we recommend that you as a PrestaShop operator use a data protection-compliant PrestaShop module as a Consent Management Provider (CMP). The consent manager shows the user information with all relevant data protection information when the online shop is called up. The PrestaShop module ensures legally compliant cookie management by obtaining specific consent from the user for the use of their data. In the following cases, according to GDPR foresee:
    • Pre-Contractual Circumstances
    • Legal obligation to process data
    • Protection of vital interests of the person or other persons
    • Data processing in the public interest or on behalf of the public
    • Another legitimate interest that justifies the data processing

    Cookies that are essential for the functioning of a website do not have to be displayed in the PrestaShop Cookie Manager. For example, in a PrestaShop, session cookies are required to save items in the shopping cart and complete a purchase. By entering the shop, placing items in the shopping cart and carrying out the check-out procedure, pre-contractual actions can be assumed in the interests of the user – point 1 in the list applies here.

    The customer releases the data required for the transaction by making a purchase. Anyone who blocks all cookies when entering the shop but does not carry out any transactions does not release any data. On the other hand, analysis cookies cannot be classified as functional, even if the analysis of the visitor data is in the interest of the shop operator and partial anonymization takes place.

  • Your PrestaShop cookie banner in shop design

    The consent manager can be seamlessly integrated into the PrestaShop and the look and feel can be adapted to the shop design . The position of the PrestaShop cookie banner can be freely determined, as can the button design. Through the settings, the visitor can call up detailed information and disable a specific third-party PrestaShop cookie separately. The Consentmanager PrestaShop Cookie Banner not only complies with the requirements of the GDPR, but can also be freely designed by the shop operator. A uniform design of the consent manager that is adapted to the shop style contributes to a harmonious impression and warms up the user for the shopping experience.

  • Clear layout

    In the default setting, the Consent Manager provides two buttons in the PrestaShop Cookie Banner with which all cookies can be accepted or rejected. The visitor can use a settings button to make specific configurations for setting or not setting a PrestaShop cookie. The user interface in the consent manager can be flexibly adapted in terms of design and texts , so that you as a shop operator can also opt for a different functional and graphic layout. The cookie banner can be displayed centrally, at the top or at the bottom. In terms of style, the CMP can be easily adapted to the graphic look and feel of the shop. The consent manager can also be used and adapted perfectly on the smartphone.

  • Automatic A/B testing

    As a PrestaShop operator, you should know which marketing cookies or analytics cookies are rejected above average. The clear evaluation module in the consent manager supports the continuous optimization of the CMP and provides information for the online marketing strategy. Use an A/B test to find out which PrestaShop cookie banner design performs best. For this purpose, the consent manager alternates between two design variants and displays the data in a CMP report. Automatic optimization makes it even easier. The consent manager independently checks which designs generate positive feedback. The design with the best acceptance rate or with the smallest bounce rate is preferred by the AI engine . The automatic optimization via A/B test in the Consent Manager can be broken down according to parameters such as end device, browser, region and target group. This will make your PrestaShop cookie banner even more effective.

Recommended by lawyers and data protection officers

Consent manager – because the first impression counts

  • The focus is on operating the PrestaShop in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. But the Consent Manager offers much more . For example, you can upload your company logo. This also makes your online shop unmistakable in consent management and gives the visitor a uniform corporate design. And so that everything runs according to the specifications of the GDPR when managing each PrestaShop cookie, the consent manager regularly carries out an automatic check. Each PrestaShop cookie from a provider is displayed in the settings and can be activated or deactivated by the visitor. With this background check , you as the operator can ensure that your PrestaShop cookie banner is working properly.

    Skeptical customers often become the best customers

    Just under half of all visitors to a website agree to cookies when asked for consent. The average acceptance for a blanket acceptance of cookies is 42 percent. This value can be increased with trustworthy and transparent consent management. With the consent manager in PrestaShop, you create trust and can count on a high approval rate . Contributing to this is the user-friendly functionality as well as a design based on the design of your PrestaShop. The PrestaShop Cookie Banner establishes the first contact with new visitors to your online shop. It is therefore important to inform interested parties transparently and to bring about a quick decision. A visitor who rejects every PrestaShop cookie in the consent manager can still make a purchase, since functionally necessary session cookies do not require consent and do not have to be queried. Critical customers are looking for a trustworthy shop and often develop into loyal existing customers.

  • Usability with transparency

    The PrestaShop cookie banner appears even before the user enters the shop for the first time. It is important for you to inform the visitor transparently and openly about cookie management and data protection. The statutory obligation to provide information , as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation, requires the user to actively consent to the display of a PrestaShop cookie. In order to do this in a legally secure manner, the PrestaShop cookie banner should convey integrity and clarity . Appropriate selection of colors, buttons and fonts can optimize the user experience. The Consent Manager simplifies user guidance and gives you the freedom to choose the design and labeling.

    Automatic updates

    The user of the Consentmanager does not have to worry about updates, because updates take place automatically . The user always works with the current version of the versatile Consent Management System. As a PrestaShop operator, you are also legally certain that you are using a legal version of the powerful consent management system . Not an insignificant point, because your competitors are aware of the topic of data protection and PrestaShop cookies. Consumer advocates also make sure that you use a PrestaShop module that complies with the General Data Protection Regulation. With Consentmanager’s PrestaShop Cookie Banner you can be sure to display and select every relevant PrestaShop cookie.

PrestaShop cookie

  • Granular PrestaShop cookie choices for informed visitors

    From the point of view of the visitor of an online shop, the consent query keeps them from the shopping experience or virtual window shopping. For this reason alone, as a shop operator, you should quickly inform and instruct the user. It is easiest for the user if he can generally reject or accept all cookies. With the Consent Manager, this action is quickly completed in the standard setting via two buttons. Only a few visitors opt for a granular selection of cookies, but these are often existing customers. In order to be selective, the descriptions and buttons in Consentmanager’s PrestaShop module are clear and unambiguous .

  • Consent manager – GDPR compliant and easy to integrate

    In order to be able to comply with the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation in PrestaShop, the CMP must be designed as a fully integrable PrestaShop module. As the operator of the online shop, you may only collect user-related data in accordance with the GDPR under certain conditions. In order to save a PrestaShop cookie, the user’s free and unequivocal consent must be obtained.
    This can only be done legally with a Consent Management Provider (CMP) as a PrestaShop module integrated into the shop. The user must be able to find out about individual providers and marketing partners. Each PrestaShop cookie identified by the cookie crawler can be deactivated using Consentmanager’s PrestaShop cookie plugin. The cookie crawler in the consent manager ensures compliant handling and checks the correct configuration.

frequently asked Questions

Not sure if you need a CMP?

To help you with things like GDPR, CMP and consent, we’ve rounded up the most common questions here.

The Consentmanager is not proprietary software and can be linked to many applications . The CMP tool meets all standards according to IAB, GDPR (= DSGVO) and CCPA and can be used in combination with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Google AdSense. Compatibility with the ad servers of leading providers ensures full recording and identification of each relevant PrestaShop cookie . A change from PrestaShop to another shop software is possible at any time with the Consent Manager without having to carry out a cumbersome reconfiguration – all statistical data and settings are retained. This flexibility and security make the consent manager interesting for companies of all sizes and industries.

Many shops in German-speaking countries are based on the European market and use multilingual shop interfaces. The Consent Manager adapts to this growth-oriented trend and already comes with text templates in over 30 languages for integration into the PrestaShop. The texts can be expanded and adapted as required in any language. Even with different implementations of the GDPR in Europe, a legally compliant international display of the PrestaShop cookie banner is guaranteed.

The evaluation and reporting functions make the consent manager a valuable marketing tool . The dashboard shows how acceptance and rejection of cookies are generally distributed. How often was the consent manager displayed in relation to all page views? The dashboard also shows this number. In addition, the consent manager offers other informative reporting functions:

  • CMP report
    The CMP report shows traffic, consent screen, and bounce rate data for a defined period of time.
  • crawler report
    The crawler report shows how many cookies were found in total and per page.
  • Benchmark Report
    In the benchmark report, the performance of your own PrestaShop compared to the industry average can be seen. The differences between the browsers and operating systems of the users are also revealing.
  • optimization report
    The optimization report identifies the best times for good cookie results and makes comparisons between different tested PrestaShop cookie banner designs .

Please note that we cannot provide legal advice. Some points of this FAQ may also change over time or be interpreted differently by courts. That’s why you should always consult your lawyer!