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Cookie banners for Publishers and Publishing companies

Needs and benefits

As a publisher or operator of a publishing house, data protection has played a prominent role at least since the GDPR. Cookies and other trackers require the explicit consent of your users. This also applies to the changed data protection laws in some US states that will come into force in 2023. Our name says it all. With our Cookie Consent Manager for publishers you are on the safe side – even at an international level with the new IAB GPP Standard .

Cookie-Banner-Lösung für Agenturen, Verlage, Internationale Unternehmen, Agenturen

opt-in required

Cookie consent for publishers and the legal background

  • What users do on your website is a private matter. Therefore, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) decided that cookies, which are collected for market research and advertising purposes , generally require the informed consent of the user. This judgment presents publishers with a double dilemma. On the one hand, there is the question of practical implementation; on the other hand , of course , the problem of advertising revenue that is decreasing anyway . If users refuse their consent, the effectiveness of classic online marketing activities remains opaque. Affiliates jump off and can be acquired less. Therefore, we provide solutions that respect privacy but invite customers to consent to advertising cookies.
  • We ensure transparency. Our cookie solutions for publishers are aimed at portal operators who want to play it safe. And want to play out a central trust element with our consent management system. Because it doesn’t matter whether it’s a web shop or a news portal. Trust is always the basis for economic success. Studies also prove this on the Internet. And what applies to web shops is always a question of seriousness for publishers. If the reader gives your consent, you can legally save and evaluate data. As a result, this information provides prognostic added value. How do users get to your website? What is read, which articles are shared? That is our mission, which we also implement for you. Technically and legally up to date.

We have already helped more than 25,000 websites to comply with GDPR, TTDSG & ePrivacy

Our clients include some of the biggest websites and best known brands in the world.

… and many more.

overview and needs

Cookie Consent Manager for Publishers

  • The reasons

    The reasons for involving consent managers are clear. Every time a website is operated, data has to be processed. This applies not only to the advertising purposes of a publisher, but also to day-to-day operations.

  • Good cookie solutions for publishers can be easily integrated into the website. Intuitive operation is a prerequisite for being able to set up cookie content for publishers without a great deal of technical expertise.
  • IAB compliant consent management

    A standardized framework is in place to obtain the consent of your visitors in a legally secure manner. This was presented by the industry association IAB Europe (International Advertising Bureau) in April 2018.

    The so-called IAB Transparency & Consent Framework (IAB TCF) is intended to ensure that consent is standardized across the industry. Transparency is the be-all and end-all. All professional advertising and online marketing measures include data from different service providers.

  • This makes the task complex: the information about the visitor’s consent must remain traceable throughout the online marketing process. We manage this complexity and translate the issue of data integration into a user-friendly and legally sound experience.
  • IAB GPP – the new technical Standard

    IAB GPP (Global Privacy Platform) is a further development of the IAB TCF v2. The development became necessary to accommodate changes in international data protection laws as well. From 2023, this will include the legislation of the US states of California (CCPA/CPRA), Virginia (VCDPA), Colorado (CPA), Utah (UCPA) and Connecticut (CAPDP) as well as US National Privacy.

    Without legally compliant opt-in/opt-out applications on websites or apps, those responsible for the website face severe fines. The CMP from consentmanager already has the technical requirements to make the necessary settings.

  • Google requirements for ads in the EEA and UK

    consentmanager is one of the first companies to meet Google’s requirements for consent management platforms (CMPs) with an integrated TCF framework for ad serving in the EEA and the UK . Here, consentmanager stands out as a trustworthy tool that ensures the highest standards for compliance and cookie management. Meeting these requirements is an important guarantee for publishers that the CMP they are using meets Google’s privacy criteria. This requirement is especially important for partners using Google’s publisher products – Google AdSense, Ad Manager or AdMob .

Next level consent & cookie management

consent manager features

A/B Testing

Built-in A/B testing and automatic optimization help display the best design for your visitors.

Cookie Crawler

Our built-in cookie crawler will automatically scan your website and find all cookies.

Optimized for Desktop, Mobile, AMP, inApp Android & iPhone/iOS

As one of the few solutions, our CMP can be integrated into all devices and works with all screen sizes.

Secure in Europe

We store all data in secure databases and only on servers in Europe.

Ad blocking

Our CMP can automatically block or delay all ads on your website until the visitor has given their consent.

Compliance for US Privacy Laws

consentmanager supports the current changes (2023) in the data protection laws of the US states of California, Virginia, Colorado, Utah and Connecticut. The technical standard IAB GPP (Global Privacy Platform) ensures legally compliant integration of opt-in and opt-out settings on an international level.

Our packages for publishers & publishers


Permanently free for
a website
  • 5,000 views / month incl.
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Premade Designs
  • 1 crawl/week
  • Support: tickets
  • additional Views bookable
  • IAB TCF compatible CMP
  • IAB GPP standard
  • A/B testing & optimization
  • additional user accounts


Monthly for
a website
  • 100,000 views / month incl.
  • additional Views:0.1  / 1000
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Customizable designs
  • 3 crawls/day
  • Support: tickets
  • A/B testing & optimization
  • IAB TCF compatible CMP
  • IAB GPP standard
  • additional user accounts
Very popular


Monthly for up to
3 websites or apps
  • 1 million views / month incl.
  • additional Views:0.05  / 1000
  • GDPR Compliant
  • IAB TCF compatible CMP
  • IAB GPP standard
  • Customizable designs
  • A/B testing & optimization
  • 10 crawls/day
  • Support: Ticket & Email
  • additional user accounts


Monthly for up to
20 websites or apps
  • 10 million views / month incl.
  • additional Views:0.02  / 1000
  • GDPR Compliant
  • IAB TCF compatible CMP
  • IAB GPP standard
  • Customizable designs
  • A/B testing & optimization
  • 100 crawls/day
  • 10 additional user accounts
  • Support: Ticket, email & phone
  • Personal account manager


On demand
Monthly price by individual agreement
  • Any Views / Month
  • additional Views:0.02  / 1000
  • GDPR Compliant
  • IAB TCF compatible CMP
  • IAB GPP standard
  • Customizable designs
  • A/B testing & optimization
  • Any crawls/day
  • any add. user accounts
  • Support: Ticket, email & phone
  • Personal account manager

Recommended by lawyers and data protection officers

Benefits of Cookie Consent Managers for Publishers

With all user-friendly preparation: With our cookie consent manager for publishers, legal compliance is of course the priority. The specifications of the IAB TCF v2 – the amended version of the GDPR Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) – are binding here. Consent signals are transmitted between publishers and third-party providers such as Google, Taboola or Xandr via this framework. This guarantees the basic requirement for being able to conduct online marketing professionally at all.

This Standard is continued by the new Global Privacy Platform (GPP) from the IAB. He helps publishers and publishing houses on a global level to comply with the law when implementing the data protection laws applicable there. From 2023, this will apply specifically to new data protection regulations in some US states. consentmanager already offers the new Standard , which gives publishers and publishers an improved market position.

We also consider creative solutions. PUR subscriptions, for example. As with the online portal “Spiegel” or the Austrian “ Standard ”, users can choose whether a limited version without advertising or paid access should be provided.

Contentpass Cookie Banner und Consent-Lösung für Publisher und Verlagsgesellschaften

Of course consentmanager also works with…

CMPs for publishers

You benefit from our consent manager for publishers. And in several respects. As a technical platform, they automate the process of obtaining consent in a legally compliant manner. In accordance with the guidelines of the GDPR and in accordance with current judgments, such as on the cookie banners. We also support internationalization. With special solutions that take into account compliance with international guidelines such as the CCPA.

Another key benefit of consent managers for publishers is that such a tool helps preserve and increase advertising revenue. The reason is, among other things, that important advertisers only place their advertising on GDPR-compliant websites.

What sets us apart

Customer orientation through transparency

  • What we offer you, you also convey to your customers. Our cookie consent managers for publishers represent state-of-the-art solutions with which you communicate one thing: security and data protection are taken seriously. What users want to leave behind on your website remains transparent. From the beginning. As a result, our cookie consent management systems are central to establishing trust-based customer relationships .
  • A responsive, adaptable design goes without saying with modern cookie solutions for publishers. The appearance of the consent banner adapts to the respective operating system (e.g. Windows, iOS or Android) and fits into different screen formats. This is our contribution to an optimal user experience on all standard devices
  • For us, customer orientation also means: Consent management solutions must also be integrated easily and unobtrusively into existing websites in terms of design . So that a harmonious overall appearance is maintained and visitors receive a trustworthy impression on every format. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on a smartphone, iPad or Android tablet. This is our contribution to an optimal user experience on different end devices. And lived customer orientation.

frequently asked Questions

Not sure if you need a CMP?

To help you with things like GDPR, CMP and consent, we’ve rounded up the most common questions here.

The IAB GPP standard offers publishers and publishers the technical requirements to make their website or app data protection compliant. The focus is on the international aspect. IAB GPP is used specifically in connection with new data protection laws such as in various US states. Companies that do not comply with the law are threatened with high fines that can be imposed by the federal attorney general.
In addition, the use of the new standard secures future advertising income for publishers and publishers, because without the new standard online advertising will not be offered and sold in the following months either in Europe or in the USA. And of course the individual customers also play a major role. The user becomes increasingly restrictive with the consent of his data if he cannot be sure that companies will deal with it in a legally compliant manner.

In any case, the cookie consent strategy includes the use of a consent banner. A well thought-out Cookie ConsentManager for publishers will help to avoid a legal risk. Furthermore, you should ensure that your data protection declaration is regularly updated in accordance with the requirements of the European Court of Justice (ECJ). This also includes the cookie policy with your information on the function of the cookies and the access rights.

Cookie ConsentManagers for publishers are software solutions for legally secure consent to the use of cookies. They play a banner to visitors. This asks visitors when they visit the website for their consent to the use of cookies. This happens even before customers see the actual content. Visitors are free to refuse consent or allow it to a certain extent.

If users refuse their consent, no corresponding data will be transmitted. Apart from this, the cookies that are technically necessary for the operation of the website are required. All other cookies must be blocked.

Since 2018, EU data protection guidelines have required website visitors to be asked for their consent before the site even sets cookies and other trackers. In the past, many website providers interpreted the requirement as an opt-out. Cookies were generally set while users first had to object. This changes with the opt-in that is now explicitly provided: Cookies can only be set if users (e.g. via a Cookie ConsentManager for publishers) have given their consent.

Please note that we cannot provide legal advice. Some points of this FAQ may also change over time or be interpreted differently by courts. That’s why you should always consult your lawyer!