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Cookie Consent Manager for Tourism

The tourism industry is fast-moving and highly digitized: price comparisons, hotel bookings and check-in, train and plane tickets, seat reservations in hotels or planning events and rental cars on vacation are just the most common examples of the strong competition on the Internet. Online business and the web presence for tour operators, hotels and the like have become essential, particularly due to the optimization for mobile devices. It is all the more important to maximize customer satisfaction and the user experience on the website with an outstanding consent manager and to know the target group as precisely as possible.

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Why a cookie consent manager is important for the tourism industry

Hospitality is the core competency of hotel professionals. Anyone who works in the tourism industry has made it their heart’s work to pamper their customers and offer them an unforgettably wonderful holiday. Consentmanager is the solution for the following areas:

  • Legal certainty regarding compliance with the GDPR in the EU and the CCPA in California . You avoid sensitive fines because you always handle personal data correctly. This applies to both your own processing and the transfer of data to third parties, e.g. to regional partners with whom you work on your website.
  • Your customers’ privacy: Just like hotel guests have to lock their valuables in a safe and go through security at the airport, your customers rely on the protection of their personal data when they visit your website.
  • Customer satisfaction and acceptance rate: The cookie banner is your online reception – welcome the customers, otherwise they will leave your location again. In addition, the cookie banner can be individually adapted, e.g. with regard to corporate design.
  • Customer requests and opt-in: If you want to anticipate all your guests’ requests, you need data. And a high opt-in rate.
  • Internationality: The more languages you cover in your hotel or the more destinations an airline offers, the larger the target group. And the more comfortable your guests will feel. Consentmanager’s cookie solution is available in over 30 languages .
  • Win loyal customers: If you have made sure that your customers can enjoy a wonderful holiday, they will be happy to come back to you. Especially if the website is clear and customer-friendly and personal data is protected. Your customers will remember the hassle-free booking experience and anticipation. The positive user experience increases the loyalty of your customers. And that in turn is an important factor in view of the high acquisition costs for new customers.
  • Easy crisis management: With Consentmanager it is very easy to process requests for access or deletion of personal data and to reply to your customers quickly and professionally. This saves you time and leaves a positive impression on the customer.
  • Professionalism: You provide your main service with the highest quality and professionalism. The website often becomes a necessary secondary matter. Nowadays it is the first contact with your customer. Here you have to show the same excellence and high quality as in your actual job. In your industry, recommendations and customer ratings are essential – and the first impression contributes significantly to this. How you deal with the GDPR or the CCPA also plays an important role for customers.

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Consent solution for the tourism industry

  • Data protection hotel: The cookie banner as the beginning of the journey

    The competition in the tourism industry is fierce. It is therefore important to use every acquisition and turn as many initial contacts as possible into loyal and returning customers. Since the majority of travelers obtain information and book online online, the cookie banner is the first point of contact between you and the customer.

  • With Consentmanager you always have a legally compliant and optimized cookie banner. Using automated A/B tests, you can improve the cookie notice in such a way that the acceptance rate increases and the bounce rate decreases. Remember that the cookie notice is your online front desk and should offer a warm and impeccable welcome.

  • Customized cookie banners with opt-in

    Some guests prefer an all-inclusive beach holiday, while others prefer individual travel packages. Likewise, when visiting your website, your customers are entitled to accept all cookies without exception or to make a selection. One thing is certain: You may only collect or save, process and pass on personal data from non-essential cookies if the visitor has given his or her explicit consent .

  • Consentmanager’s cookie crawler ensures that you play it safe in this regard: The Cookie Consent Manager blocks all cookies for which there is no consent. Your customers also have the right to change this selection at any time and to request information and deletion. With Consentmanager as a consent management provider, you can easily comply with this request

  • Data protection for hotels and tourism industry: compatible cookie solution for each system

    Consentmanager is compatible with over 2500 tools , ie you can integrate it into all common website and shop systems as well as analysis tools. So you don’t have to make any changes or changes in your interfaces and networked systems. You can easily integrate Consent Manager into your existing website solution. Another advantage: The cookie banner is displayed responsively and thus adapts to the mobile devices of your visitors when they surf via smartphone and tablet

  • In combination with the 30+ languages available and GDPR compliance, you will pick up visitors from all over the EU. Please note: The GDPR applies not only if your tourism offer is located within the EU, but also if an EU citizen visits your website and the destination is outside Europe.

  • Customer Satisfaction and Search Engine Optimization: Privacy Hospitality

    With Consentmanager you achieve a higher acceptance rate and a lower bounce rate, which leads to a longer retention time. Because you get more insight into the surfing behavior of your customers at the same time and thus achieve a more precise knowledge of your target group, you can better tailor your website to the wishes and needs of your visitors. This results in more conversions and leads. These are important signals to search engines such as Google, Bing & Co.

  • If your customers feel comfortable on your website and everything works easily and smoothly, they will remember it and influence the reviews. In combination with your professional approach to data protection (including information and deletion orders), you increase customer satisfaction and your ratings . These are also strong SEO signals and can improve your ranking in the highly competitive search engine spots.

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Try our cookie management solution now for free and measure your success! Benefit from the extensive features of Consentmanager in the tourism and travel industry or in the hospitality industry and stand out from the competition. Above all, you can enjoy legal certainty at all times thanks to automated updates and cookie crawlers. You avoid the risk of high fines and improve your customer satisfaction, because your guests want to book trips with 100% data protection. If you have any questions about Consentmanager, we will be happy to help you!

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frequently asked Questions

Not sure if you need a CMP?

To help you with things like GDPR, CMP and consent, we’ve rounded up the most common questions here.

With consent management, website operators in the tourism and travel industry better understand what their customers want. Above all, however, the cookie banner represents the initial contact with the visitor and acts as a kind of online reception. Start here to be an excellent host by taking data protection seriously as a tour operator or hotel!

Cookie consent means consent to the setting of technically non-essential cookies. A high approval rate gives you more data, which you can use to optimize your products and services for your customers, for example. Cooperation with third-party providers is also possible, which in turn can represent a source of income and advertising for you and make your offer more attractive.

With our Consent Management Provider (CMP) you are always legally on the safe side, as Consentmanager is always GDPR and CCPA compliant. Automated A/B testing optimizes your cookie banners, increasing approval rates and customer satisfaction. At the same time, you’ll gain better knowledge of your target audience so you can optimize your website accordingly and generate more conversions and leads.

Please note that we cannot provide legal advice. Some points of this FAQ may also change over time or be interpreted differently by courts. That’s why you should always consult your lawyer!