Newsletter 2021/10

Crawler Updates

With our latest update, we have put the focus back on our crawler. The crawler is now even more thorough and tracks subpages within the website more precisely than before. The results of the crawler can now finally be exported as PDF and we have added further checks, for example for third-country transfers.

In addition, the control of the crawler has become better: In the crawler settings of a CMP you can now set that newly found vendors should first be added to a waiting list and not immediately to the normal vendor list. Furthermore, cookies can now be separated by domain, which is of particular benefit to customers who use the same CMP code on multiple domains. And last but not least, the vendor list now also shows the last finds, so that it is easier to understand where a vendor was found.

Improved automatic blocking

In addition to the crawler, we also improved the automatic blocking code this month. Since it is preferred by many customers, we have improved the convenience and the loading time in particular: While there were more problems in the past with “essential” or “functional” vendors that were blocked by the CMP, it should now be much easier to work with such vendors.

Webinars in November (German)

Due to the many innovations that will come to websites with the TTDSG from December, we will be offering further webinars in November. These are:

  • Webinar: TTDSG & Aktuelle Entwicklungen im Datenschutz
    09. November 2021 – 3pm (german language)
    Registration page
  • Webinar: consentmanager mit Google TagManager & Google Consent Mode verwenden
    10. November 2021 – 3pm (german language)
    Registration page

More features and changes

  • Improved protocol API
  • dataLayer improvements
  • Better WCAG keyboard support
  • Automatic expansion of affiliate links
  • … and many more.

API Update

Please note that the data API has been updated. If you are currently pulling protocol data via the API, you will need to switch to type 19. For more information please see our help section.

Release log

With the current release we have applied the following changes:

  • CMP-873 Issue rights seeing CMPs
  • CMP-872 Add option for timeout/wait for import
  • CMP-869 Issue with switchbutton
  • CMP-867 Switchbuttons per default to off
  • CMP-874 Add notes field to CMP settings
  • CMP-862 Issue changing purpose automatically enables the purpose
  • CMP-868 In IAB special purpose the vendors the list is empty
  • CMP-885 WP Plugin => double check CMP ID is inserted
  • CMP-865 Settings button appears multiple times
  • CMP-870 App reports issues
  • CMP-871 Add option for enabling gatekeeper
  • CMP-882 Add possibility to change dataLayer name
  • CMP-891 API-Update procotol download
  • CMP-850 Add possibility to automatically insert GDPR macro
  • CMP-856 Add unblocking domain list to automaticblocking.js
  • CMP-892 Combine automatic blocking with blocklist
  • CMP-880 Add new vendors to waiting list
  • CMP-775 Add public API for window.cmpmngr.callLazyLoad()
  • CMP-644 Crawler: Additional checks
  • CMP-661 Crawler: Wrong mail language
  • CMP-789 Crawler: Add verification of result
  • CMP-803 Crawler: Show url where the vendor was found last time
  • CMP-62 Crawler Report: PDF Export
  • CMP-88 Crawler Report: Highlight cookies with issues
  • CMP-57 Crawler Report: Show how often domains where found
  • CMP-58 Crawler Report: Mark first party cookies
  • CMP-59 Crawler Report: Rate session cookies as less harmful
  • CMP-65 Crawler Report:  Update risk rating of 1st party cookies
  • CMP-63 Crawler Report: Risk rating based on cookie count
  • CMP-370 Crawler Report: Dont report marketing cookies as issue if vendor is set as essential
  • CMP-372 Crawler Report: Make it easier to find the URL on which a cookie was found


  • Deprecated:  dataLayer.cmpVendorsConsent / dataLayer.cmpCustomVendorsConsent – use  dataLayer.cmpConsentVendors instead. Fields will be removed by Dec 2021 

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