Newsletter 2022/03

Icons & Design-Features

This month we’ve focused primarily on the many small design features that many customers have asked for from us. This includes, for example, that purposes, buttons and links can now have their own icons, that multiple HTML and CSS codes can now be used per design, or that finer settings for vendor lists and cookie lists are now possible.

More new countries

Also new this month is support for many new regions. So far we support GDPR/ePrivacy for Europe, CCPA/CPRA for California, PIPEDA for Canada and LGPD for Brazil. New this month are the legal bases for Mexico, Argentina, Nigeria, South Africa, South Korea, Russia, Turkey, Israel, China and Thailand. There are now separate settings for all these regions (depending on the selected package) and the corresponding legal texts and paragraphs are stored in the system.

Dynamic Content Blocking

Many French publishers in particular wanted to expand dynamic content blocking. Blocking is used, for example, to block a YouTube video and only activate it with consent. With the latest update, the feature has been expanded even more and can now be applied to any element in a web page. A typical use case would be that a news website blocks the texts if there is no consent. More in our help.

More features and changes

As always, there were many other small new features and changes this month. Worth mentioning here in particular is the conversion of stacks/stacks from account to CMP, simpler and clearer operation of the visual design editor and better support for Apple’s ATT system.

Release log

  • CMP-613 Vendorlist not settings language correctly
  • CMP-114 Enable/disable all button not visible on some clients
  • CMP-922 Add function to copy default designs
  • CMP-876 Design: Change Cookielist Text Color missing
  • CMP-1141 Add new regulations/regions
  • CMP-1087 Reports are sent multiple times
  • CMP-1132 Add ATT reject alternative text & hide purposes
  • CMP-1084 Add possibility to remove example value from cookie list
  • CMP-1140 Fix cookie purpose in cookie list
  • CMP-1175 Add optiont to dont set any cookie before consent
  • CMP-1131 Inline article Cookie wall
  • CMP-806 Change stacks to be cmp specific
  • CMP-1000 Add option to add custom html on more places
  • CMP-1163 Issue displaying custom purposes in custom stack
  • CMP-40 Show last change date in custom settings
  • CMP-120 User get confused over “Bottom right” design
  • CMP-245 Allow to hide custom settings link
  • CMP-509 Add second custom css setting that loads after the system css code
  • CMP-547 Add privacy icons
  • CMP-952 Preview page not responsive
  • CMP-953 Design editor has issue with borders
  • CMP-969 Add option to show cookie list in menu
  • CMP-994 Add option for Back to 1. screen Button on 2nd screen
  • CMP-1018 Add option to allow privacy policy & cookies & imprint link on custom settings
  • CMP-1028 Add blacklist domain targeting
  • CMP-1095 Check vendor list for waiting list
  • CMP-1096 Fix button margin on tablets
  • CMP-1118 Add option to disable TCF api on automatic code
  • CMP-1136 Design: Option to now show ANY button on secnd layer
  • CMP-1169 Update Visual Editor
  • CMP-1176 Add possibility to remove vendor details sections

Not sure if you need a CMP?

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