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Webinar: No cookies = revenue losses?

The online world is facing big changes, especially for publishers and advertisers. On March 11th, we co-hosted the “No Cookies = Revenue Losses” webinar with to take a look into the future.

The webinar took place in English.

The following topics were discussed:

  • New data protection regulations (DSA, DMA): Publishers have to adapt to new regulations when dealing with data and cookies.
  • No use of cookies – equals loss of income? The direct connection between eliminating cookies and loss of revenue.
  • Cookie-safe solutions: Both speakers presented innovative approaches such as Contextual+ and content design techniques that can help publishers and advertisers in a cookie-free world.


The webinar provided valuable insights into how publishers and advertisers can prepare for the new data protection regulations and what cookie-safe solutions exist.

The PDF for the webinar can be found here for download .

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