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Newsletter 02/2023

More legal certainty thanks to improved descriptive texts

With our current CMP update, we have further optimized legal certainty in connection with the description texts. All in all, the descriptive texts from over 1,000 providers have been updated in 16 different languages. The users of your website now have the opportunity, if necessary, to find out more detailed information about individual providers and to make more informed decisions about consenting to individual cookies.

Furthermore, we have now also added a comprehensive description to the list of cookies, which can be displayed directly in the consent layer. This gives your visitors a better understanding of what cookies are and how they can set them in their browser.

Dark patterns on cookie banners

Safer Internet Day on February 7, 2023 was celebrated just a few days ago and this year’s motto is “Together for a better internet”. One way to make the internet safer for our customers, businesses and families is to understand the mechanisms that prevent this, such as what are known as dark patterns. What are Dark Patterns? Learn more about dark patterns in cookie banners in our new article:

How can you avoid GDPR fines?

In 2022, the cost of GDPR fines increased dramatically, with more than 80% attributable to meta. In total, the European data protection authorities imposed fines of more than 830 million euros on companies in 2022. Here’s an example:

Fine of 5 million euros against TikTok

The French data protection authority “Commission national de l’informatique et des libertés” (CNIL) has imposed a fine of 5 million euros on the social media platform TikTok for illegal handling of cookies. The fine was imposed for violating Article 28 of the General Data Protection Regulation after displaying a banner with only an “Agree” button. Users had to press several buttons to refuse cookies. This opt-out mechanism was considered problematic as it could trick users into quickly accepting cookies instead. In addition, the company did not provide users with a link for more information on the banner.

How can you avoid GDPR fines?

So that you don’t fall into the trap of fines, we have put together various checklists for you with the most important factors to be considered.

You can download an overview of our checklists here:

Or do our free cookie check, which shows you possible GDPR weaknesses:


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REMINDER: code change needed / old code deprecation

We would like to point out once again that some important code changes will be necessary shortly. The first step was already taken with the current update of January 16, 2023. We’ve started getting rid of old codes.

You can read what you need to consider in the following article:

More optimizations and adjustments in February

In February there were the following minor innovations and changes:
In connection with the code change, an alert function was integrated into the dashboard, which now notifies the user of the necessary code change if this has not yet been carried out.
Furthermore, incorrect settings when using design features via subaccounts have been corrected and crawler report data and the export function have been adjusted. A display problem in the optimization report has also been corrected.

Further innovations and optimizations can be found in the complete release log:

Release log

  • CMP-1582 Issue language switching back to default
  • CMP-1598 DataLayer userChoiceExists on SPA with status onChange
  • CMP-1247 Carousel Mode: Add option to fold 1st purpose
  • CMP-1577 Add check for old codes
  • CMP-1586 ATT: Disallow vendors if att is disabled
  • CMP-1414 Check text edit in design editor logged in as subaccount
  • CMP-1550 Design toggles overlap text if language written from right to left
  • CMP-1551 Automatically extend cookie lifetime
  • CMP-1514 Design editor: new Icon for save & exit (2nd. layer)
  • CMP-1565 Add option to share cookie description across cmps
  • CMP-1578 App feedback if no design available
  • CMP-1581 Add option to rotate css classes
  • CMP-1589 Issue incorrect numbers in acceptance vs bounce diagram
  • CMP-1593 Crawler Report broken
  • CMP-1596 Dynamic content blocking issues with
  • CMP-1599 Multiple previews on instagram
  • CMP-56 Consent Layer: Show page with general info on cookies and how to delete/disable

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