Video: Consent Management in Online Marketing

Webinar on March 24th, 2021

Consent management in online marketing

In this web seminar you will learn:

  • Understanding Acceptance Rate: How Do I Read the Reports?
  • What factors influence the acceptance rate?
  • Legal Aspects
  • Use Google Analytics, etracker and other systems

The documents for the webinar can be downloaded here as a PDF .

An effective and well-designed cookie banner is important for online marketing as it helps website operators comply with data protection regulations and increases the chances of obtaining user consent to the use of cookies and other tracking technologies. This is an essential factor in instilling trust and transparency among website users, and if a company fails to do so, they risk a fine and possibly reputational damage. In addition, cookie banners can affect the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns, as users who reject or ignore the banner may not be tracked, which limits the ability to deliver personalized content and targeted advertising. Through A/B testing, which involves experimenting with different banner designs, content, and placement, website owners can optimize their acceptance rates and improve the overall user experience.

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