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Newsletter 11/2021

In a good two weeks in Germany on 01.12. the TDDDG (originally TTDSG) came into force Cookie banners will then be a legal requirement and no longer only “indirectly” regulated by ePrivacy . For us, this was the reason to focus on new features this month, especially on the legal settings in the consentmanager . In order to underline the importance of the settings, we have now removed the legal settings from the general CMP settings and created them as a separate point.

Consent solution for websites

Also new is better support for CCPA/CPRA (California) and, for the first time, support for LGPD (Brazil) and PIPEDA/CPPA (Canada) . The target area, the logic and the legal basis can now be set specifically for all regions.

Where do the cookies come from?

In order to give you a better overview of how the cookies get into your website, we have also improved the crawler view : A clear flow chart now shows you exactly which provider loads which other provider and thus distributes the data and the setting of cookies enabled in your site.

World’s first CMP with privacy APIs for DNT, GPC, ATT and ADPC

As the world’s first consent solution, consentmanager now offers support for various privacy APIs : DNT / Do-not-track (general tracking Standard ), GlobalPrivacyControl/GPC (mandatory for all websites especially in the USA!), Apple ATT for iOS apps as well as the ADPC specification of the data protection NGO are now directly supported by the system. Users can use their browser or the app to specify which data protection regulations should apply – without having to display a consent layer.

Videos: Webinars in November

As always, we have put the videos for our last webinars online on our website. You can find the videos on the following pages:

More new features and changes

  • New carousel theme for advanced settings
  • Better bypass of AdBlockers
  • Better support for Facebook Consent Mode
  • Unify legal settings in different jurisdictions
  • … and much more.

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Newsletter 06/2024

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